Sunday, October 30, 2005


Busy week (and a bit)

Seems like ages since I've been here to write anything. It has been such a busy week, and now I've got a few minutes while I do laundry.

The craziness began (or continued) last weekend on Saturday night. The squeeze and I were invited for dinner and a few episodes of the last season of Six Feet Under. We're all hooked. I was asked to bring an appetizer, so I opted to do the stuffed mushrooms I did for my birthday party since they were a hit. Unfortunately, the man of the house doesn't eat mushrooms...or almost any other vegetable or fruit for that matter. I decided to also bring along my cream cheese tortilla wraps with some guacamole I whipped up, some salsa and sour cream.

We had some wine and the mushrooms (damn, they ARE good!), and then we sat down to a huge Italian feast. Soup, lasagne, chicken, grilled vegetables, salad, fruit, and a couple of desserts. My kingdom for their metabolism! Apparently they eat like this all the time, and none of them are overweight. In fact their 20-ish son is so thin you could rub his arms together to make fire. Pure envy here. The Squeeze and I are "husky" folk. What kills me is that we were pretty much full from the first two courses. Soup and pasta is more than we'd usually eat for one meal. It's just not fair, I tells ya!

We watched a few episodes of SFU before we had to drag our tired butts home to bed. We're such old fogies. But it was after 11:00, and we really needed to get to sleep, especially considering The Squeeze had to work yet another Sunday.

I called the lady of the house early the next week to thank her again for an amazing dinner. She told me that they had a few people pop in Sunday afternoon for a visit. She said she was in a bit of a panic as they hadn't been shopping yet and didn't have anything to serve them as a snack. Her husband said "What about those wraps the guys brought last night?" Luckily, since we were so full, we forgot all about them. So they sliced them up, got the guacamole, salsa and sour cream out and she said everyone devoured them. The funny part is that she said she went ahead and took credit for them when the compliments came pouring in until someone said "What is this filling made of?" And the gig was up. We just howled on the phone. That just cracked me up. Nothing like getting caught in a fib.

The day after that feast I was to attend a baby shower for Weezie's baby Zoe. I searched for the gift I had in mind. I wanted to get one of those big round pink piggy banks and stuff it with what we in Canada call Twonies. It's a two dollar know, our one dollar coin is called a Loonie, because there is a loon on the reverse side of it, so they nicknamed the two dollar coin the Twonie...or is it Toonie? I thought Doubloonie would be cool, but who asked me? But I digress. On the Saturday (before that big feast I mentioned), I searched high and low for this piggy bank. I finally found one, but it had a chipped nose. Of course, it was the only one they had. Luckily, they are a chain store, so they told me to check out their other locations in the neighbouring city. Unfortunately, time was ticking and I wasn't able to pick it up on Saturday. I figured I'd pick it up on the way to the shower.

So Sunday came, and the shower was due to start at 11:00 am. I hustled to the mall around 10:00 to get this bank, but the sign on the mall door said they open at 11:00. I drove over to the other mall across town, and the sign said they don't open until 12:00! Aaaahh!!! So I drove to the coffee shop for some relaxation on my way back to the first mall. I finally got let in, found the bank and was on my way. But wait! I needed to buy a bunch of twonies! The shop where I got the bank didn't have any to spare that they could sell me, so I tried a couple of other places. Still no go. I then remembered I needed some wrapping paper, a bow, and some tape to wrap this bank up since I didn't have time to go home to do it. I finally drove to my grocery store, and they were able to sell me the coins I needed. I then sat in their parking lot stuffing twonies in this bank and trying to wrap this thing. You know what I could have used? Scissors! So there I was tearing and taping and wrapping. Finally got it done, drove like a lunatic to this party and made it there only about an hour late. Not too shabby.

Weezie loved the piggy bank. Hopefully we're on our way to a college fund.

I got home from the party and The Squeeze got home from work shortly after that. We decided that since we were both exhausted that we would go out for dinner and use a gift certificate that I received for my birthday. It was a very nice place where we have eaten before. We split a calamari and a scallop and shrimp appetizers. For the main course I had a four cheese gnochi, and The Squeeze had a spaghetti carbonarra. When the main courses arrived, it looked like there was maybe one cup of food max. Amazingly, half way through it we were feeling quite full. We finished our dinners (no dessert, thank you) and rolled out of there.

We got home and figured out our grocery list for the week that I needed to pick up Monday as it is my day off. The Squeeze had meetings on Monday night, Tuesday night, Thursday night, and Friday night. He said "I can't wait for Wednesday night. I want to come home, have dinner, take a soak in the tub and get to bed early." It sounded like a plan to me until Monday when I remembered that we had tickets to see Dame Edna in Toronto. The poor guy. He's going to have a hell of a long week.

So we did Dame Edna Wednesday night, and had a great time at the show, and last night we had a play to attend as well. There are just not enough days in the week. Today The Squeeze is at work again for a few hours. I feel guilty, but right now I'm planning on taking that relaxing soak in the tub when I'm done here. Then I'm off to do some shopping. Groceries, pumpkin...stuff like that. Maybe I'll even get some yard work done.

Let's hope next month is a bit less busy and demanding.

If your life is like mine, it never ends. I'll think I have a nice relaxing week and then BOOM! I'm busy every single day w/o time for myself.
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