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For the past few weeks I've had what I've been referring to as a sinus infection. I don't think it really is, but my other theory just sounds too weird. Here it is. I have had many years of experience eating, but for some reason I find that when I eat something cake-like (ie cake, doughnuts, etc.) invariably, a piece somehow manages to lodge itself in the back of my throat...right where my sinus connects. Not even sure if this is all biologically accurate, but that's pretty much the way I see it. Anyway, one morning a few weeks back I had a doughnut and I've been paying for it ever since.

I've offended myself with a terrible taste that I get when I do that disgusting snort/inhale thing, and try as I might to dislodge this thing, it seems to move, but I just can't get rid of it. OK, now I'm starting to sound like Roseanne Roseannadanna. So sorry.

I mentioned this to my mother at our family Thanksgiving gathering last weekend, and she told me that my brother had taken Ny-Quil, and after two days his throat was fine. The Squeeze had suggested I take an antihistamine. Everyone seems to give me advice on getting over a cold or flu, but damnit, it's a doughnut I tells ya!!!

This weekend, I broke down and decided to get some Ny-Quil. I've never used the stuff before, so I was a bit unsure about how it would work. I rarely get a full night's sleep and I really didn't expect it to help. I took the recommended dose around 10:00pm Sunday night and began reading and answering some e-mail. Well, about 15 minutes later I felt like a drooling idiot. I lost my train of thought halfway through a sentence and just ended my e-mail and sent it off. I'm sure my friend will be thoroughly confused trying to read it and make any sense of it at all.

I went to bed and had to be woken up by The Squeeze around 8:00am. Thank God I was off Monday because I felt absolutely stupid. I got showered and dressed and made my way to my chiropractor's appointment, and after that I had to take my car in for some routine service work. It was one of the more involved services, so they told me it would take about 3 hrs. I took advantage of the time to have a coffee and walk to the local mall to do a bit of shopping.

After about 2 hours I walked back to the dealership and had a seat in the service lobby. While I waited there, I had to fight to keep my eyes open and stay awake. I finally got out of there and went home to snooze for a bit on the sofa.

The rest didn't last too long because my folks came over to drop off a card and cake for The Squeeze's birthday (which was Sunday). I tried to stay awake with the help of some coffee, but I still felt wiped out. When the parental units left I crashed in the living room again. Barely stayed awake long enough to eat dinner, and shortly after that I went to bed.

This morning I got up around 7:00am, and was amazed that I had yet another full night's sleep. I got up, got dressed, took a walk along the lake, had a bite for breakfast and headed to work.

Here I sit. Still feeling tired beyond belief. I've got so much work to do, but I just have no energy to stand and do what I have to do. Anyone else ever experience this before?

Maybe I'm coming down with something....

Hmm, first off, perhaps you shouldn't take Nyquil ever again. I'm a firm believe in Alka-Seltzer Nighttime which doesn't contain the high dose of alcohol. And yes, I've gone through times when I'm just beyond exhausted. I went to the doctor and they took a ridiculous number of vials of blood and it turned out that I had nothing. So, just sleep and blame it on the weather. BTW, I'm pretty sure I'm waiting for an e-mail. ;-)
Yep, you're right. I've been planning on writing you another short novel when I can find the time. I've been swamped at work this past week, and haven't been home for too long in the evenings (and don't forget my Ny-Quil coma). Hopefully Friday night!(?)
BTW, if Ny-Quil has such a high alcohol content, why don't I feel dopey for days after having a few drinks?
Combining alcohol with the drug chemicals in Nyquil is sure to mess with a person's mind.

Ah, glad you're swamped at work! Not a bad problem to have!
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