Tuesday, November 22, 2005


How do they find me???

OK, this is just bizarre. For some strange reason, a good number of my new clients arrive at the shop and say something along the line of "you guys must be new here" or people find us in the phone book and need a complete set of directions to get here. We have been here more than ten years, and we are on a pretty main thoroughfare in this city right near any number of landmarks. Why they can't notice us or find us is beyond me.

What really kills me is that on countless occasions, people have come into my shop instead of any of the varied variety stores, coffee shops, fast food joints, etc. to ask for directions. It seems that people who have no idea at all where they are come in so I can tell them where to go...or at least how to get there.

Another treat is the seemingly endless parade of those door to door vendors with their cardboard boxes full of useless junk. I had two of them in today. One of the guys is pretty much a regular, and he's a nice guy, good sense of humour. He's always throwing free stuff my way if I buy a certain little item. Since I need some kids toys to donate to a local Christmas fund, I bought a child's laptop computer for $40 ($89 value...says so right on the box. whatever.). As an added bonus he gave me four Disney colouring book packages. Eight books plus crayons in each of the kits. So for $40 I've got gifts for 5 needy kids and I don't have to go to the mall. Win:win.

But a few minutes ago, a guy with a very thick Asian accent came in. What I got from him is that he wanted me to drive him somewhere because his car broke down. So....ya, why don't I just lock up my business and get in my car to take some stranger somewhere? I couldn't understand if he wanted me to take him to his car - what would be the point in that, and besides, wasn't he just there? And how did he get here from there? When I explained to the man that I can't just lock up my business to give him a ride, he said "you give me money for cab. I come tomorrow pay back."

I figured this sounded just a bit too fishy, and quite frankly, the money tree I planted didn't take. I had to decline. A friend of mine recently told me that when someone asks him for money in situations like this, he says "sorry, I'd love to help you out, but there are a lot of scammers out there asking people for money, and I don't know whether you are one of them or not." He said that normally people say "ok man, no problem". Me...well, I feel more comfortable telling a lie and saying I don't have any money.

So the guy just walked toward the street and continued on his way. Since I didn't see where he came from when he got here, I decided to check the business next door to mine to see if he was in there before he got to me. Nope. It looks like he was just walking along and decided to hit me up for a ride. What the hell? Why me? I'm not the frickin' Goodwill or Sally Ann.

I think I do my share. I donate to toy drives, food banks, shelters, etc. Maybe word got out about that. Nah...I'm just being paranoid. Or am I?

LOL!!! I don't get it...you couldn't just close up shop and drive him where he wanted to go?
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