Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Keeping busy!

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. I've been trying to get ready for the Christmas holidays at home. I managed to spend a day baking....and now that most of that is gone after feeding friends last week, I'll have to do it all over again so I have some things for company during the holidays.
Work has been brutally busy, which is a good thing. We cut off taking orders for Christmas on Saturday, but we've still got people coming in hoping to have things framed before then. Normally it takes about two weeks to turn around a finished piece, but if pressed, we can rush it and have in within a week. Currently, we have about 60 or so pieces to complete by the 23rd. I've been working like a maniac trying to get things done. It's amazing how many people still call or come into the shop expecting us to get their pictures done for Christmas.
One lady called today, "I have an oil painting I need to have framed."
"When did you need to have it done?" (that's always the first question this time of year)
"I need it for Christmas."
"Unfortunately, we're not able to take any more work for Christmas, our cut off was Saturday."
"Can't you squeeze it in?"
"I'm sorry, we're really under the gun here. Our suppliers can't guarantee delivery in time, and we're packed to the gills here."
I explain that we have a large number of pieces already on the list, and we're already working a lot of overtime to try to get them all done.
"But can't you just do this one piece? It doesn't need glass or a mat. Just the frame."
"I'm sorry, but like I said, we can't guarantee that we can get the moulding in time."
The glass isn't an issue. We have cases of the stuff. But quite frankly, she was really starting to bug the shit out of me. Quite likely, we could have got the frame in, but every extra picture adds another 30-60 minutes or so to my already stretched out day. We need to set a limit.
I also had a guy come in today hoping to have something framed for Christmas, and he didn't even have the picture yet. We order nothing until we have the item in our hands so we can measure it and select the right materials. Another unhappy customer.
I don't understand people who drag their ass and expect us to jump through hoops because they couldn't bother to get in sooner.
Two years ago a woman (a regular) and her teenage son came in two days before we closed for the holidays wanting to have some prayer on copy paper framed for her husband for Christmas. We thought we could accommodate her, so we called the supplier, asked if they could build the frame, send it by overnight courier so she could have it in time. They were able to do it, but can you believe the woman asked if we can do better on the price!
My business partner said "Honey, if you came in two weeks ago maybe we could have done better on the price, but not today!" He can be a bit outspoken.
One year (before my time), a woman brought something in a couple of days before Christmas wanting something framed. The girl who used to work there told the woman that they aren't able to do it for Christmas because the suppliers won't be making any more deliveries until the new year. She told the woman that she can have it ready a week after the store re-opened after the holidays.
The next day, this woman came back in and told my business partner that she was there to pick up her finished piece.
"Did you get a phone call saying it was ready?"
"No, but the girl I talked to yesterday said it would be ready today."
"No she didn't tell you that because there is no way it could happen and she knows that very well. She has worked here for several years and she is fully aware of what can be done and when."
"Well," the woman said. "I'll just tell my husband that you didn't get it done in time."
"No, you can tell your husband that you couldn't be bothered to think of him before December 23rd. Don't try pinning your lack of consideration for him on us."
You gotta admire that honesty!

Friday night The Squeeze's company has their work party, and we've booked a room at the hotel where they are holding the party. That means I can't work Friday night and most of Saturday. Maybe I'll put in a few hours on Saturday and Sunday. Monday we'll have to deliver and hang about 50 pieces to a corporate client's office. When will I get everything done???

No wonder I haven't heard from you! It's your super busy time of the year!!

People are just ridiculous, aren't they? And to lie so blatantly??? Unreal!!! I love your partner for speaking the truth!
ya, I really have to apologize for seeming to fall off the face of the earth. Between all the work, the home stuff (not to mention my aquarium woes), I have been tapped out. I'm lucky to get to sit and have lunch and check the net for about 15 minutes. Now that I've done it, it's back to work for me. BTW, we are having a WICKED snow storm right now. Supposed to get 10 to 12 inches tonight. Maybe I'll be snowed in here. Aggghh!!! A fate worse than death. :o)
I know where to find you. ;-)

And just in case, have a very Happy Christmas! I probably won't get on the computer much the week after Christmas as I won't be at work and I actually have better things to do at home, so have a Happy New Year as well!!!

And take care in that snow!
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