Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Satan rules my country

Last night was our federal election.

Stephen Harper, leader of the Conservatives (previously of the Alliance, previously of the Reform, previously of the National Citizens' Coalition, and quite possibly previously of the Nazi party) wound up winning a minority government. I could not be more disgusted. I just thank God it's a minority government!

Now, the Liberals, under the leadership of Paul Martin have run the country for the past 12 years, and yes, there have been some problems in that time, but the budget was balanced very shortly after they took over, and there were some great strides made regarding social policies. One of my personal favourites is the legalization of same-sex marriage.

The NDP (New Democratic Party) have long been the underdogs, but I've always been a fan. Luckily, my new member of parliament is an NDP, and he quite handily beat the Liberal incumbant. OK, it was only a few hundred votes, but still...it works for me.

I was so torn leading up to my voting last night. I had to consider whether to vote for who I would rather have represent my area, or vote for the person who would ensure the most seats in the House in opposition to the Conservatives. I went with my gut, and my guy got in.

I'm not really a big political follower, but I know what I don't like, and that would be my new Prime Minister. I have yet to see the man with a genuine smile. He looks evil. I saw a clip on the news the other night, and someone handed him a baby to hold. I thought for sure it was a human sacrifice. I was just watching, dreading that he might just unhinge his jaw and swallow the baby whole. I don't trust that man at all. Could it be his religious right stance on things such as same-sex rights, a woman's right to choose, or any number of other issues we have come to take for granted? Quite likely. But there is something else about him that just leaves me cold, and I can't really put my finger on it. Perhaps it's those dead, emotionless eyes that remind me of Karla Homolka's eyes....or that little kid in The Omen. You just know there is something in there that isn't going to be good when it comes out.

I was joking around with The Squeeze on Sunday night saying we had to go to city hall Monday morning and get hitched before Harper takes it away from us. He laughed. Apparently that's not a good reason to jump the broom.

We shall see what happens in the next little while. Apparently Dubya is quite happy that Harper got in. Now they can crawl into bed together. The sad part is that I think the rest of Canada will be the ones bending over and taking it dry.

I so agree with you on Harper. The fact that Dumbya was happy about it is a clear indication that things are wrong. And I think it's very interesting that since last week's swearing in that he hasn't made any public announcements - and met with the PM of Quebec yesterday, practically in secret. Like you, I'm just happy it's a minority government.
You, me, and the majority of Canada (because clearly, the majority did not elect him).
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