Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Gender Unknown

I talked to Weezie, my baby mommy, last week. She was in to have an ultrasound done to determine the sex of the baby. At that time, however, they couldn't get a good shot of the baby because s/he was facing Weezie's spine, essentially mooning the camera. She was scheduled in again for Monday, so she went in, and the baby was facing the right way, but was moving around so much they weren't able to get a good picture. So we still don't know if it's going to be a boy or girl. Not that it makes a difference to me, but it's almost like s/he is going out of his/her way to keep us in the dark. It's just past 20 weeks now. I am so looking forward to this. The time is getting near for me to give the news to my parental units. Their anniversary is at the end of the month and the whole family is going out to a dinner theater performance. Maybe that will be a good time to break the news to them. I was hoping to be able to tell them if it's a boy or girl. Maybe I'll hold off until I find out. I'm such a wimp. :o)

Ooooh!!! That's right! When's the baby due? I should make you baby blanket! And I kind of like not knowing, although it is helpful to know so you can plan accordingly.
S/he will be making the grand appearance the beginning of July. The doctor said "I wouldn't bet any of my money, but I would bet some of YOURS that it's a girl." Cool, huh? Weezie has picked out a name already. Brynn. I can handle that. It's just funky enough and not overly used.
I have so many friends wanting to know what it's going to be. Kinda cracks me up.
Funny, I knew a Bryn, but he was a guy...I think he was even Canadian. Yes, he most definitely was. So, two "n's" makes it female?

Girl clothes are so much more fun to buy!!! ;-)
Hmm...I'll have to look into that whole double N thing.

Ya, I think you're right with the girl clothes thing. I nearly choked when I saw the prices of some little girl outfits when I was looking for something for Zoe's baby shower. Ca-CHING!

It's my folks' anniversary today. We're taking them out to some dinner theatre thing in Niagara Falls that my sister is organizing. I think this might be the time to let them in on the little bambino. eek!
TARGET!!! I'd say Mervyn's is great for kids clothes, but they just closed all of our Mervyn's stores. I was seriously bummed.
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