Friday, April 21, 2006


4Gig just ain't enough!

I bought my iPod almost four weeks ago. "Norbert", the kid that works for me (kid? sheesh, he's going to be 20 next week!) had one of the iPod Nano 2Gigs which holds about 500 songs. I went for the 4Gig Nano because I do have a fairly extensive CD collection, so I figured that 1000 songs is probably going to be more than I need.

Over the past few weeks, I have been making my way through my collection, picking and choosing one or two songs here, whole CDs there. I've just entered the "M"'s (yes, I keep them in alphabetical order, so what!?) and the iPod is full. I've been weighing my options. I could just be much more selective about what I put on it, but moderation and sacrifice really aren't my style. I could see if I can sell it and buy a larger model, but that would take effort, and then if the purchaser has a problem with thanks. I don't even sell my old cars when I buy new ones. I always trade them in. I'd probably make more by selling it myself, but who needs the grief? Maybe I'll try eBay.

Norbert said "return it". Now I don't know about the rest of you, but to my way of thinking, some things you just don't return. Opened computer software, toothbrushes, underwear, nose hair trimmers and electronic devices that have parts that you stick in your ears.

I said "fine, I'll give them a call and see if I can return it."
"You're just saying that to shut me up, aren't you? My girlfriend does that to me. I'm used to it."
Well, quite frankly, that was my intention, but I decided to actually call the big box empire where I bought it to prove him wrong. I explained to the clerk on the phone that I bought it thinking it would suffice, but I really needed a unit with more memory.
"No problem, sir. If it's within 30 days you can return it."

I was pleasantly surprised. Of course, now I feel like a total asshat. I'll be bringing back this thing that they either have to try to sell or send back. I have no idea what they do. And what about the ear buds? How gross. Maybe I can keep the ones I had and put the new ones in the returned one. I guess I'll see what happens there. I also have the hard case I bought to protect it and it won't fit on the new one. I don't have the package for that. I might have to keep it. Maybe I'll give it to Norbert if he wants it.

I spent a couple of hours trying to find out how to "unregister" this unit. I know that when I brought it home and set it up I had to enter this seemingly unending series of numbers and letters that made up the serial number. I manged to restore the factory settings and remove all of the music that I had put on there, but did that remove my name from the serial number? Nobody seems to have an answer to that one. What happens if someone else tries to register it, but they get told that it's already registered to some Freak Magnet out there? I'll have to ask when I take it back tonight.

Even though I'll be dropping another 200 bucks or more, I feel like such an inconvenience to them. How do people who constantly return stuff deal with this?

Last night, my business partner told me about a woman he was standing behind in line at a local Canadian Tire store. She was trying to return something (not sure what it was) and began making a scene when the clerk refused.
"I have the receipt!" the woman shouted at her.
"Ma'am, you bought this at IKEA" the clerk returned.
"Your policy says that I can return any item with a receipt!"
"If the item was purchased at one of our stores."
"It doesn't say that! I want my money back!"

My business partner, always the diplomat, got in the woman's face and told her to get her fat ass in her car and drive to IKEA where she bought whatever piece of shit it was and get her money back from the people she gave her money to in the first place.
Who lets these people out without their meds?

I really hope this all goes off without a hitch. I'll keep you posted.

LOLOLOL! Your Squeeze is hilarious!!! And I bet the cashier at Canadian Tire wanted to kiss him because s/he couldn't say that to the dumbass. I mean, really, who the heck tries to return something to a different store from where they bought the thing originally???? Bloody idiot!!! If it's a big box store, I wouldn't even begin to worry about the return. A Mom & Pop store? Yeah, but big box? Who cares? I'm sure they'll close that box up and re-sell it to some unsuspecting soul!
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