Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Time Flies

I'm always amazed at how much faster time seems to pass the older I get. I remember summer breaks seemed to last forever when I was a kid. In my teen years, they seemed to start getting shorter, but I packed a lot of fun into those couple of months away from school. I suppose it's due to the fact that as adults, we work our jobs day in and day out, and our break arrives in the form of one or two, possibly three weeks off.

There are a number of little projects I've been planning to do, but as it always does, life gets in the way. I spent a number of hours working in the jungle out back that I used to call a garden. I have pulled and bagged about 30 leaf bags full of weeds, unwanted plants, fallen branches, pruned limbs and the chopped up remains of one particular variety of maple tree which in these parts is an invasive weed. You can chop them down at the stump, and they just keep sending up suckers. After about nine years I'm pretty sure I can now say that the one that grew to a huge height at the front of the house before I moved in is now dead. I cut it down when I landscaped the front yard way back when and have been attacking it every year since. Now about the dozen growing along the fence in the back yard. (Yes, this is one of the reasons we're looking for a new place)

We were planning on building raised beds for veggies, so we bought the cedar planks and had them cut at Home Depot. They are sitting comfortably in our basement. Will we get them built and planted? Is there any point since we're planning to put the house on the market in the next week or so? Is there any point planting grass seed? At least we can return that.

The biggest indicator that time is flying by is the realization that in about four weeks I'm going to be a father. Where have the last eight months gone? I talked to Weezie the other day and she told me that the baby was in a breech position when she had her last ultrasound. She has another one booked for next week and if she hasn't turned the right way, she's going to be scheduled for a c-section. I'm sure she's secretly blaming me for it. I figure it's a good indication of what's to come. Just give her time.

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