Tuesday, June 20, 2006


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For the first time in a long time, I didn't have a huge list of "must do-s" for my day off. And for the first time in an even longer time, I decided that since I had the time I would iron some of my shirts. I've become somewhat complacent in wearing slightly wrinkled shirts, but I decided that having a closet full of crisp ironed shirts would be a welcome change.

I was several shirts into my task when I got a call from a friend of mine to confirm our dinner plans for that evening. We sort of have a standing date for dinner on Monday evenings. Indian buffet...sounds good. I returned back to my ironing and received a call from my friend Rich informing me that he was playing hookie (or is it hookey?) from work.

"I was thinking of swinging by and thought I'd see if you felt like doing lunch," he said.

Knowing he's a lover of all things spicy, and knowing of his love for the Indian buffet, I started to chuckle. I told him of my dinner plans there that day and explained that I would feel a bit foolish going there for lunch and returning a few short hours after that for dinner. Or perhaps I could just stay there and have two meals and only pay for one! That's some crafty thinking.

Rich relayed a story of a woman somewhere in the US who tried to pull that scam in some buffet place. She would hang out there all day on a number of occasions eating all of her meals and paying for one. The management finally barred her from the restaurant, and in true US fashion (no offence intended), she sued.

Not only was there the whole potential for embarrassment in going to the same buffet twice in one day, but being spicy Indian food....well, let's just say that two meals a day there would pretty much mean I'd be doing handstands in the shower the next day to cool off, if you get my drift.

Noon was a busy time at my place. Our agent stopped by to have me sign yet another document and to dig up some irises from the garden to take to his garden (he cracks me up). While we were in the garden, The Squeeze got home for lunch, and while the three of us chatted in the kitchen, Rich showed up. He and our agent are old buddies too, so it was kind of a neat little reunion.

The agent left, The Squeeze headed back to work after finishing his chicken and salad, and Rich and I headed out for lunch. We wound up at a family style buffet place, but knowing I'd be having dinner shortly, I made myself scarce at the buffet. When we first walked into the place, we heard a couple of the staff members complaining about the heat in the restaurant. When we took our seats and were asked for our drink orders, Rich asked for coffee. The waitress looked at him and said "In this heat?". He wasn't swayed. Later into our meal when she returned and asked Rich if she could refill his coffee, he gave her an incredulous look and exclaimed, "In this heat? Are you crazy? Send over another waitress who isn't insane!" Ahh...the classics never die.

We left the restaurant and we made our way to a funky new furniture place to get some ideas for furnishing the new house. Shortly after entering, we were greeted by a salesman in full suit and tie asking if we needed some assistance. Apparently this is one swanky furniture store. Most of the items were leather or suede and the "ka-ching" factor was way up there. After roaming haphazardly through a few room displays I discovered that there was, in fact, a suggested path laid out in yellow tile and curved sections in the carpet. Rich offered to link arms and sing the theme from "The Wizard of Oz" as we skipped along the path. Ya, I bet THAT never happened there before. Although, they seem to cater to a higher-end consumer, so maybe they haven't seen it before. Perhaps the salesman mistook us for vagrants and was offering assistance to help us find the exit. Either way, we stuck around and followed the yellow tiled and carpeted road. Rich occasionally whipped out his measuring tape to check the height of some knick-nacks to see if he could find something to fit a gap in his new pad. He saw a nice candle holder for around $400 dollars. That's right $400! Again, The Suit showed up to offer assistance or to see if we had any questions. "Are you freakin' serious?" came to mind, but I refrained. We casually sauntered through the displays and out the front door. Lovely stuff, but I can do better pricewise.

We took a quick drive-by past the new house so Rich could see it and then headed back home where he loaded up a picture we have been storing in our place for him. We have been holding two of them for him, but the one we still have is huge and there was no way it was going into his car no matter how long we stared at it.

After Rich headed home, I had time to feed my fish and head out to meet my other friend for dinner. She questioned why I only went up for one plate of food. She had a good laugh when I told her I just left a lunch buffet a couple of hours earlier.

Here it is, noon the following day, and the thought of food is not appealing to me in the least. Maybe it's the heat. Ya, we'll go with that.

OOoh, spicy Indian food. YUM! I'm jealous. I'm not jealous, however, of your ironing task. I despise ironing, so I try to buy wrinkle free clothes.
Unfortunately, I only wear button-down cotton shirts, so they really need to be ironed. I keep hoping that doing them every couple of months or so will keep them trained, but no such luck.
Hmm....I was just thinking...when we move into the new place I can drop off my shirts at the dry cleaner's I will pass every day walking to my shop. I can have them pressed for me! This is just getting better every day!
So, what's up with the house???

There are shirts out there that are no-press and mostly cotton. At least that's what I've heard. I'd do a search!
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