Wednesday, June 28, 2006


"I don't wanna come out and you can't make me!"

Weezie called me this morning. She went in to the hospital last night to have some kind of birth-inducing gel applied....down there.*shudder*

She went back this morning to have another application and wait for the birth. Well, they sent her home without doing it. It seems that little Brynn is an acrobat and is breech yet again.

Weezie is about 1cm dilated, so there's no urgency. They will be scheduling a C-section to take place in two or three days.

This birth thing is torture. I don't know how men do it!

Honey, I don't know how women do it!!! Weezie is a better woman than I am. I have no interest.
Oh ya...I guess the women have a bit of a hard time with it too.
;o)'s Sunday morning, and still no news.
It's Monday now and I'm waiting. Hope all is well there!
Got a voicemail from Weezie today. Not in labour or anything, just updating me. She's scheduled for the C-section Thursday afternoon, but she's going to see her doctor on Tuesday, so she said it's quite possible that it could happen Tuesday or Wednesday if the doctor wants.
*fingers crossed* that it all goes well with a minimum of pain and discomfort for Weezie. Can't wait for pics!!! ;-)
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