Sunday, June 11, 2006


Of All The Days!

Today, at the suggestion of our real estate agent, we had an open house. The Squeeze and I have been working our asses off to get ready for it. We've done a ton of work over the past couple of weeks as it is, but we really went into overdrive.

I was at work on Saturday, so The Squeeze set forth with plans to put a coat of primer on our basement ceiling that's been in the same state for about two years. He went out to get a drywall filter for our shop vac to suck up the loose drywall dust, and by the time I got home from work, he had begun to cut in the edges with the primer. I grabbed the roller and painted the main areas that he had outlined. We got a good healthy coat on there, so we were quite happy. He went outside and cut the lawn and I continued tidying up inside.

We had to leave for a few hours to go for dinner at our friends' house and didn't get back until after midnight, so it was straight to bed with us.

Got up Sunday morning and I applied a coat of ceiling paint over the primer, we scrubbed floors, cleaned the driveway, and managed to get a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread in the bread maker. While I was painting, I heard the unmistakable sound of roaring motorcycles. You know the type - you'd swear their muffler fell off somewhere down the road, but that's actually the way they want it to sound. Panic hit me. DEAR GOD NO! NOT TODAY! Sure enough, the bikes just kept coming. As I've mentioned before, down the street that faces our house is a motorcycle (ahem) "club". About once a year, they have a huge gathering and the street is filled with loud bikes and their leather-clad riders. Today was that day.

Our street was also packed with cars belonging to their members, so it pretty much eliminated the possibility of anyone driving by and seeing the open house sign and coming in. We gave our agent a heads up phone call to let him know what was going on. He wasn't a happy camper either.

After scouring the bathroom and grabbing a shower, we finally got dressed and out of the house moments before the open house began, but not before a woman came in to view the place. She saw the ad in the paper. The first words out of her mouth were "What is going on across the street?" Our agent, always the diplomat said "It's a social gathering." He kills me.

While we were out, we stopped for a bite for lunch and tried to console one another about this turn of events. We visited a book store and spent a bit of time there and finally returned home about five minutes after the open house ended. We got there just as our agent was heading to his car. He said it was slow, but one couple was there for a long time and seem quite interested. He told us that a number of cars pulled up, but when they looked down the side street and saw all the bikers, they continued on their merry way.

Another agent pulled up while we were chatting in the driveway, and he asked if he could come through. He checked it out, said he was quite impressed and said that we should have no problem selling at all. Let's hope!

About an hour after we got home, the bikers started leaving. Within two hours there wasn't any indication that the street was previously packed with around 80 or so motorcycles and at least twice that many bikers. Unfortunately, in the minds of everyone who came through today (not to mention those who voted against that idea) they will be there constantly.

Doesn't it just figure that this kind of shit happens on this particular day? The question remains, do we have another open house...maybe next weekend? Are we a write-off for a lot of people already? I'm getting frustrated. I'm home by myself to fret about this because The Squeeze went to a sleep disorder clinic for the night to have a test run with a CPAP machine to see how that works for his sleep apnea. I'm on my second glass of wine, a nice sauvignon blanc. Hopefully it will knock me out so I can get a good night's sleep. I'll worry about this tomorrow.

Oh, bloody hell!!! That sucks so badly. I say go for the second open house before the house gets all lived in again. Have you thought about burying St. Joseph in the backyard???
I was wondering what you were talking about burying St. Joseph for. I had never heard of that before, but I found a lot of info on the net about doing that. As a recovering Catholic and part-time agnostic, I'm conflicted about doing that. But it's tempting. I actually have the phone book open now looking at religious goods suppliers.
I firmly believe once a Catholic, always a Catholic, even if you never go to church. Go for it!!! What can it hurt?
Hmm...interesting theory. Recently my business partner and I had to fill out some voting forms, and they asked which school board I wanted my portion of the school tax to go to, public or catholic. I had a tough time with this because I've always gone with catholic, but finally went with public since little Brynn will be going to public school. Tough call though. And I'll be picking up a little St. Joe this weekend if we don't get an offer before then.
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