Sunday, June 18, 2006


The Offer: Part 3

Our agent stopped by this morning with folder in hand. He opened it up and told us that they offered 5k more than their original offer. We were pissed. They offer 40k below, we counter with 20k below asking and they come back with 35k below? Excuse me? Fuck that noise. We told the agent "no deal". We discussed another open house for next weekend and left it at that.

We took a drive to visit my folks for Father's Day. The visit was fun. Got to spend time with a few of my siblings and their better halves, and crammed in copious amounts of cake, flan and cookies. We hung out there for a few hours and made our way back home, popped in at The Squeeze's office, picked up our groceries and finally got home around 7:30 or so.

There was a voice mail message from our agent. They came back with a better offer. They tacked on another 10k which takes us nearly to the mid-point that we originally countered back. They want to get in sooner than the original closing date though. So instead of Aug. 30, we're going with Aug. 15. We get possession of the new place on Aug. 4, so that gives us a bit of time to get in there and paint, get our stuff packed and moved and set up. Unfortunately, it means we're cancelling our vacation in Boston which was Aug. 3-12. Priorities, I guess.

The agent popped by a little after 10 tonight to have us initial the new offer and closing date and he was going to rush off to the bidder's place for their initials. They have until next Monday to sign off on their conditions of financing and inspection. This might be a long week.

Woohoo!!! Cheapskates offering $40K less!!! I hope it works out!!!
So far so good. Inspection happened today and apparently it went well. Now they want to have an appraisal done. Not sure why. We had 3 realtors do a market value assesment and they all came up with the same price - our asking price! But if they want to go through more expense, be my guest.
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