Saturday, June 03, 2006


Sell! Sell! Sell!

The pressure is on!

The Squeeze and I made an offer on that condo we want, and after a bit of haggling over the price and a couple of conditions, it was accepted. Now we shift into overdrive. We met with our agent and went over a few things that we need to do to get the place in showroom condition. It's nothing major, but a hundred minor things add up quick enough.

We rented a storage unit and took our first load of excess items to their hiding place. After work today we'll be taking more furniture there so our place looks more spacious. The Squeeze was going to cut the lawn today, then we just have to weed the rest of the jungle...I mean garden and tidy up the back of the house. The closets need to be weeded as well. There is so much crap packed in there the shirts press themselves. Unfortunately, they come out with creases in the worst places. We'll just shove clothes we doubt we'll wear in the next couple of months in garbage bags and sort it out later.

There's a bit of caulking to do to fill in the gaps between the walls and the door trim, and then a bit of painting in the basement. Then we can slap down the peel & stick tiles that we bought years ago on the basement floor...hope they still stick! The cat will probably freak out over that and be reluctant to walk on a new surface. Unfortunately, she needs to cross that vast expanse to arrive at her litter box.

We'll be doing something I dread. I have to go through my books. It's time to purge. When The Squeeze asked me if I was planning to get rid of some books, my first instinct was to gasp...then laugh, as if it was some absurd joke between us. Ya, actually he was serious about that, and after some thought I came to the realization that I really won't likely have any use for the majority of these books in the future. I have so many that I haven't read, I could at least part with the ones that I have read. Naturally I'll be keeping all of my reference books: cookbooks, gardening books, The Far Side Galleries, David Sedaris books, etc. Not that I will have a garden to worry about, but friends ask for advice from time to time. Then again, the internet comes in handy for that type of thing. I wonder if The Squeeze is trying to get even with me for making him sell a bunch of his old vinyl LPs in a yard sale years ago. I thought he'd be over it by now. I replaced most of them with CD versions. Get over it already!

I'm looking outside and I see it's pouring rain. Maybe the weeding will wait until tomorrow. Closets, bookcases and painting tonight. Originally we were going to have friends over for dinner tomorrow night, but they offered to reschedule and let us off the hook so we can focus on getting the chores completed so we can show the house. Now that's what I call good friends!

My workday draws to a close...and now I must go home to face the list. Let's hope all of this work and staging is worth it!

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