Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Unconditionally ours

The number on the call display looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn't place it. I handed the handset to The Squeeze to answer. As soon as he answered, I could clearly hear our agent's voice travelling through the air. He's a bit of a loud talker, but that's ok, because I don't always listen. With him, I have no choice.

"Listen," I hear him say to The Squeeze. "There's an offer-"

"YES!", I say quietly to myself. "We have an offer!!! It's all coming together!!!"

"on the condo", he continued.

Information was faxed to him informing him that the sellers' agent received another offer that is not conditional of sale of the bidders' home. As written in our agreement, we have 24 hours to remove the condition of sale from our offer and it's ours, otherwise, the new bidders take the place.

The Squeeze and I were on our way out to join some friends for a couple of hours, so we thought we could get some advice from them, especially since one of them is a lawyer. We pretty much made up our minds beforehand though. We want that new place. It has everything we want, the price and taxes are great, location is amazing.

Our friends were of mixed minds, as is often the case when you get a number of people together, but overall, we were encouraged to go for it.

On our way home we called our agent on the cell to tell him our plans. He came by the house around 10:30 and we signed the papers removing the condition of sale.

The funny thing is, we're not freaked out. The house is ours. Actually, BOTH houses are ours. For now. We just have to make sure our agent gets moving to sell this house.

One person who came through seems quite interested. We were given a heads up that he was going to have someone come by to look at the back of the house to see if an addition can be put on.

I just got off the phone with our agent. It seems this guy wants to come by Friday morning with "a construction crew" as it was put to me. With any luck this might just work out. Keep your fingers crossed!

p.s. St. Joseph, I know you're not buried in my yard yet, but if you're so inclined to help move things along, I'd be forever grateful! ;o)

*fingers crossed*

I'll send up a little prayer to St. Joseph for you as well.
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