Monday, June 26, 2006


What A Week!

I can't believe it's been nearly a week since my last post! Work has been busy, to say nothing of all the dealings with the house.

When I last posted about the house, the inspection and appraisal by their bank to ensure their mortgage still needed to be done. The inspection took place Wednesday (or was it Thursday?) and according to the agent, it went well. Turns out that the roof will need to be done in a couple of years, but aside from that, no biggie. On Friday the agent called me to inform me that their appraiser (who was in the previous day) OK-ed (OK'd?) their mortgage. He actually appraised the house for the exact amount they paid. Not bad. We got the full value of our house! Unfortunately, the buyer was away for the weekend and wouldn't be available to sign off on the conditions unti Monday morning. The pressure!

The family went out Saturday night to celebrate my mother's 75th B-day, and we were a bit reluctant to tell everyone that we sold the place for fear of jinxing it. We were sure to say that conditions still need to be signed off.

The agent called Sunday to let us know the buyer was meeting him in his office Monday morning at 10:00 to sign off. I had a doctor's appointment right across the road at 10:30, so I arranged to pop in around 11 to sign my part. The Squeeze would sign after work.

After my ordeal with the doctor (another post...maybe tomorrow) I stopped in to sign. Everything was ready to go. He did inform me that the buyer wanted to lower the price because of the roof needing to be replaced in a couple of years. He told her that she can't legally do that. The dumb-ass! The only way she could get around it is to say that following the inspection that it didn't meet her approval, and the offer would be null and void. She could then make another offer, but we could always tell her to jump in the lake which happens to be in our back yard and she can't live here! NYAH! But knowing that she REALLY wants this house, I don't think she really wants to take the chance that we might just sell it to someone else instead. I kinda like this feeling of ersatz-power.

So while I was out this evening, the agent came by, The Squeeze signed off, and it is now a done deal. House bought, house sold. DONE! Thank you St. Joseph and those who whispered a little something in his ear.

I spoke to Weezie today on the phone. She said she had a doctor's appointment this afternoon to check out how things are going and to book her induction (inducing?). She was hoping for later this week.

At 3:50 this afternoon, she called in a panic.
"My Jimmy won't start. It's in the driveway. It won't turn over. I can't get the key out of the ignition, and when I close my door, the alarm goes off! It's blocking my mother's car in the driveway so I can't use that either! Can you come to get me and take me to my appointment? I have to be there at 4:10!"
"I'm on my way!"

I got to her place in record time...under ten minutes. Normally, it's 15 to 20. I was gunning it. She hopped in the car and we flew across the city. By the way, WOW she's big! Not as big as I was picturing, but still...pretty good. We haven't had a chance to see one another in a couple of months, so it was kind of an unknown figure to me. She called the doctor to say she'd be about ten minutes late. The doctor is way on the other side of the city...about 20 stoplights away.

She got into the examining room, got checked out, was given a bunch of literature and was told she would be induced Tuesday night, yes, THIS Tuesday...the 27th, and the baby should be born on Wednesday.

OH MY GOD! I'm like 48 hours from fatherhood! I'll be at the hospital, and I'll bring my camera!

New house, new baby....what a week, indeed!

HOLY CRAP!!! TODAY? Yikers!!! Good luck to all, especially Weezie! The whole giving birth thing is not my idea of a good time! Can't wait for pics!!!
She already told me that she's going to say things while she's popping her out that she might not really mean. However, she has nobody to blame but herself. It's not like I'm her better half and wanted to play a game of "hide the sausage". So if she starts up with the "YOU DID THIS TO ME YOU BASTARD!", things will get ugly. ;o)
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