Monday, July 24, 2006


Babies, Family, The Circus and Rockets

This has been a full weekend! After working on Saturday, The Squeez and I picked up baby Brynn at Weezie's place and took her to a family function in Hooterville. My brother and sister-in-law were hosting the whole famn damily for a pig roast in celebration of my cousin who was visiting from Germany, and my mother's 75th birthday (even though it was about a month ago and we all took her out for dinner then, but what the hell).

Well nothing is a bigger hit than a baby at a party. I think I had Brynn in my arms a grand total of five minutes the whole night. Between my aunts, cousins, nieces, and my mother (who hates to let her go), she spent the entire evening in someone's arms, and she couldn't have been happier. Again, she slept the whole time and people just marvelled at what a good baby she is. Oh, how smug I felt, considering my niece's three-month-old son was constantly fussing and crying. At one point I was in the kitchen getting Brynn's bottle ready and I heard some crying in the livingroom. I thought it was Brynn awaiting her bottle so I popped into the room to take a look and discovered it was Jacob crying. Brynn was still asleep in my Aunt Terri's arms.

"Oh...I thought it was Brynn. What was I thinking?! hehehe..." I said.

My sister just chuckled while trying to comfort her grandson. I handed to bottle to Terri and she gave her the bottle and burped her and even stepped right in to change her overflowing diaper. Not that I had a real issue with that! :o)

It turned out to be a bit of an impromptu shower. I can't count how many little outfits Brynn received from my family that night. Not to mention the photo albums, toys, and a really nice crocheted blanket that my (follow me now) sister's husband's sister made. (That wasn't so bad.)

Weezie was in Hooterville that evening for dinner with some friends, so she came by to pick up the baby and take her home once she finally wrestled her from my mother's arms. She was getting dangerously close to another feeding and needed to get her home and sure enough, she cried all the way home (about 45 minutes) until she got her bottle. Poor Weezie...and poor Brynn. :o(

Sunday The Squeeze had to work for a few hours and I got a chance to clean my aquariums and scour the bathroom and head out for the groceries. When I got back home we had a quick bite and we were off to join the family in Niagara Falls to see Cirque Niagara's Avaia. It was quite a nice show. Some of the acrobatic work was amazing. One group of four young guys did these moves where two guys supported one on their shoulders while the fourth guy balanced on that guy's head with his hand. Lots of spinning in the air and landing on the other guys hands...stuff like that. Pretty cool. We were in the second row and it seemed like some of the horses that were running in the circle were going to run right into us. A bit unsettling, but very cool. The show was a gift for our parents for their birthdays. I think they enjoyed it. My father is usually a pretty hard sell on stuff like that. He's happy at home with his scratch & win tickets. That's his kind of birthday. But he'll get over it.

It's pretty uncommon to have two family gatherings in one weekend. It's uncommon for two in a month. Hell, one a month is a bit more than usual.

All in all, it was a pretty good weekend. It rained non-stop, and the idiots on the highway were a pain though. Why is it so beyond people to realize what the PASSING LANE is for??? I was travelling much faster in the slow lane. There's always some asshat at the front of the pack, oblivious to the fact that they have a string of about 30 cars behind them wanting to get by and they're just barely doing the speed limit in the FREAKING PASSING LANE. They just treat it like it's their own private lane and they can go as slow or fast as they please. I told The Squeeze that I think people should be required to re-write the driving test every five years or so. Even if it's just one question: "What is the passing lane for?"

The Squeeze said it should be two questions: "What is the passing lane for?" and "Why aren't you doing it?".

The roads will be much more tolerable when I get that rocket launcher installed on my car.

I'm right there with you on the passing lane issue. Stupid selfish people.

Well, darn, that's what I get for being a slacker. Brynn doesn't need two hand-knitted/crocheted blankets. I suck.

Yes, my cousins love family parties because they get a break from the babies as the rest of us steal them from each other the entire time. I love babies, just don't want any of my own!
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