Saturday, July 29, 2006


What A LOSER! (ya, I mean me)

I decided to check my on-line banking today and discovered something a bit odd. There were three transactions listed for July 24 at the grocery store I frequent. The first was around $18.00, the second around $120.00 and the third around $110.00.

This made no sense to me. I recognized the $110.00 as my grocery outing from Sunday the 23rd. The one around $18.00 might have been for my prescriptions from their pharmacy, but I wasn't positive. I don't recall if I used my bank card for the pharmacy or if I paid cash. I don't even recall the amount I paid there, but it seemed to be about right for my prescription. The $120.00 was a mystery. Could it be fraud? Seems like a pretty pointless exercise taking someone for a whopping $120.00 (yes, that's sarcasm).

I called my bank's help line and was greeted by a friendly young lady who told me she could help me out. Since the transactions took place on the weekend, they were all listed for the 24th. The first two transactions were from the 22nd, the third from the 23rd (that would be the groceries I was aware of). Was I even there on the Saturday? What the hell did I buy for over $120.00 considering I bought our groceries for the whole week the next day? Then the lightbulb went on. Yes, the $18.00 was the pharmacy, and the $120.00...I bought some brownies and squares to take to my brother's pig roast...but that couldn't have been more than $20.00. The bulb got brighter. OH. MY. GOD. I suddenly remembered getting $100.00 cash back from my debit card. You know, a little pocket money to carry around.

"Well, I bet you get that a thousand times a day!" I said to the young lady.
"Not quite that many, but you are my second one today. The other one was a lady who wasn't sure about a charge but it was for much, much less than yours. I assured her that bank fraud doesn't usually happen for such small amounts," she replied.

Not sure if it made me feel any better knowing that the only other call she received along this line was from some asshat freaking out over ten bucks. So I've decided to take my licks. I'm a knob, and I can freely admit that.

You are not a knob. I think it was smart to look over your statement and then call to question. I've done the same thing with my credit card. That's what customer service is there for!
Hey when you've got a couple pennies to rub together and one of those pennies goes missing, my mind goes bonko. But now I pay an armed gaurd to watch over my "stash".
Way to go, knob.

So are you taking possession of the new digs this weekend? Hows the packing coming? Last I checked you'd packed 6 spoons and an old sponge and that was about it.

Get your butt in gear!

Have you left everything til the last minute and now you'll be too busy to blogg?

Must I come down there and whip you into a frenzy?

Gee willikers and zbgopsh.

Woohoo! You have three readers now! ;-) Or at least three commenters!
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