Friday, August 04, 2006



Can't believe it's been about a week since I've last posted, but I have damn good reason! I've been getting ready for the big move. I have spent countless hours on the phone arranging details with lawyers, utility people, insurance people, realtors, etc.

The Squeeze has been on holidays this week (well, except for the first three days when he did have to work, and the fourth day when he had to deliver paperwork to the office), and has been doing some work in the basement of the old house to get it to where our realtor promised the new owners it would be. Funny, I haven't seen the realtor down there helping, but what the hell. So The Squeeze has been busy. We're both off next week, and I'm off the following week, so we'll be able to get a lot of work done.

Yesterday morning we met with our lawyer to sign about 320 documents for the purchase and sale of the houses. We decided to do something very grown-up. We got our wills in motion. We have another appointment next week to sign the official documents. It's all so very numbing to admit that yes, we will, in fact, die. We just always went with the idea that if I go, The Squeeze gets it all; if The Squeeze goes, I get it all. But now there's a baby in the picture so I have to make some provisions for her. So we have our agreement and it's going to be official next week. Now all we need to do is pre-plan our funerals. Such happy thoughts, n'est pas?

Today we take possession of the new place. The Squeeze went back to the lawyer's to pick up the keys and he came by the shop around 2:00 to jingle them in front of me. I put the "Back in 5" sign in the door and locked up so we could take a quick look at the place. Unfortunately, there was still a U-Haul van in the drive and the current owners were still there packing up the last of their things. Looks like we'll wait until I'm done work and try again. Hopefully they'll be gone by 6:00 so we can get some measuring done and see how things fit into our plans, or rather how our plans will fit into the rooms.

Tomorrow the work begins at the new place. Framing a closet, fixing up one of the bathrooms and painting until the cows come home. We'll be packing up all of the little things we won't be using and taking them over one pick-up load at a time. One week from today the movers will arrive to lug the heavy stuff to the new house. Then all we need to do at the old place is a final cleaning and we're gone.

The phone company called us to let us know they couldn't connect our phone in the new place today like we had planned. The current owners have their line connected until Saturday. Maybe this would be a good night to call my buddy in Vancouver and chat for a few hours.

Oooh, you have a new house!!! So cool!!! Have fun moving!
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