Thursday, October 19, 2006


The Doctor Is (three knuckles) In

I live for one-liners. I just love those little zingers that, if delivered at just the right time, will cause your beverage of choice to erupt from your nostrils. Don't ask me why, but this morning while I was in the shower, I recalled this priceless gem that was said by my business partner a couple of years back. It still cracks me up.

A somewhat regular client was in the shop and the BP was looking after him in the front of the store while I was working in the back. Being a very small shop, there are no secrets. You can hear everything in this place. The client was talking about his advancing age and all the maintenance involved. He was describing his recent visit to his doctor and mentioned the fact that he had received a prostate exam.

"Have you ever had a prostate exam?" the client asked.
"Not by a doctor", BP shot back without missing a beat.

If I had chosen that minute to take a sip of my water, I would have spit it all over somebody's artwork. Luckily, it only caused me to emit some Homer Simpson-esque groan of disgust, shock and laughter.

Ahhh...good times.

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