Friday, February 23, 2007


New (Not Necessarily Improved) Blogger

There's a pattern out there with things constantly being "improved". It brings back memories of an old All In The Family episode when Edith and Gloria came home from the grocery store with some product labelled "New & Improved". Mike asked, "What were we using before? Old and lousy?"

When something is touted as "New & Improved" it should be...well, improved. I recently switched over to the New Blogger after much procrastinating, because I had heard a few horror stories from some other bloggers out there. I was reassured by a trusted friend that it is, in fact, better. It enabled him to post pictures easily, which is something I have been fighting with for quite some time on Old Blogger. I decided to take the plunge the other day.

I began typing all the info into my trusty Commodore 64 (nah, just kidding). The first roadblock came when it asked me to sign in with my Google account. Well, I didn't have one, so I followed the path to set up a Google account. The first thing it asked me for was my existing Google e-mail. Or so it appeared to me. Well, I didn't have one...that's what I was trying to set up! After many failed attempts, I entered a seldom-used Yahoo address, and bingo, I was in business. After uploading all the posts from Old to New, it took me to the new posting page which looked...pretty much exactly like the old one. In fact, I'm not finding a whole lot different except that I now have to type in my long-winded e-mail address to get in here.

The other night I attempted to upload some new Brynn pictures and discovered that it works just as shittily as it did before. Maybe it's just me. I don't know.

This just screams of "change for change's sake". If you're going to make something new, fix what doesn't work. Make it a better product. You can say something is better all you want, but you better be able to back it up. "New & Improved Olestra. Now with 20% less anal leakage!" Prove it!

I tried replying to a post earlier today and jumped through about 15 hoops before it recognized me, and then what I had written was gone. WTF? I was about one error message away from packing my trunk with rubber tubing, garbage bags, a knife and a mallet, putting on a wig and an astronaut diaper and hunting down whoever invented the New Blogger. You know...just to talk.

Yeah, and make sure you sign into blogger at the page *BEFORE* you ever try to leave a comment because it won't let you and then it'll lose your comment and you'll be all frustrated and pissed off and won't end up leaving your comment.
Sorry dude! I shouldn't have tried to sell you on new-and-unproved Blogger like that! But for me my picture-posting problems went away.

The only problems I have are with the word verification.

Now, either I'm a moron and can't type random letters into a little box, or Blogger is messing with my mind.

There is the slight possibility that it's a little of both.
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