Wednesday, March 28, 2007



I thought I'd take a page from FWG's phantom coupon mailer and spread some frivolity.

Imagine my surprise when I got a call from Xena this afternoon accusing me of sending feminine hygiene and seafood product coupons from She had an inkling when she saw the envelope addressed to Princess Consuela Bananahammock.

Of course, now my mind is racing....who can I get next? Let me state for the record that I did NOT send the ones to FWG's place, but I really do wish I had.

oh boy...THAT is so cool. I NEVER would have thought to trick someone out like that.

I must go off and collect some addy's now...Sister's and brother and hubby HAHAHA Ya i will send some to my own addy but his name will be Alexander "insert wicked frivolous name" Last name. ohhh

Thanks man, I needed something to liven up my laidback personality.

MUUUWAH! thanks man!
You can create your own coupon packet in Canada? Cool.
It's almost as good as those envelopes you used to see at The It Store. They had return addresses from a variety of embarassing "organizations" that you could send to people. I'll never forget the one I received in the mail from the International Gay Men's Club, complete with a starburst stamp stating that my membership package was enclosed. Oh, my parents laughed and laughed, and sent me to a shrink.

Ya, how cool is that? But you can get in on the action too. Check out and start saving today! Or in a few days when they arrive.
Way to go Davey-boy, keep spreading the love! It's catching on. It'll be bigger than Amway soon. Hey - wasn't the wiccan mason bro-in-law of yours in the amway? I'm starting to think maybe he's just desperate to belong, know what I mean?

- the FWG who cried woffhve...
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