Friday, March 16, 2007



The Squeeze and I seem to be taking turns getting colds or the flu or whatever the hell it is. I'm sure we're getting it from the kids because Zoe is constantly dragging some sort of bug home from that Petrie dish they call a daycare centre. She gives it to Brynn or Weezie, and every Sunday when The Squeeze and I go to visit, or the following day when I go on my day off, we drag it back home with us.

So while one of us is infected, we do the air kiss or a peck on the cheek to try to minimize the chance of transmission to the healthy one. The Squeeze had it up until about a week ago, and then it was my turn. We're constantly popping vitamins and some form of cold & flu medication in hopes of early relief. I finally felt like things were better by Wednesday. Yay!

And then I felt it. That tell-tale tingle. Right there on my upper lip. Oh God NO! WTF!? A coldsore. The bane of my existence (and every one of my class pictures) since I was five years old. I ran to the bathroom and rifled through the drawer looking for my tube of Abreva. Checked the expiration date, good for another year. Saweeet! I slathered it on, and repeated it a number of times, but for some reason, it didn't prevent it this time. No, instead my lip is puffed up and blistered. I'm trying like hell to fight the urge to lick my freakishly swollen lip.

I imagine that this is how Pete Burns feels. Luckily for me, it's temporary.

Try L-Lysine when you feel that tell-take tingle. Buy the 1000mg ones because the 500mg aren't coated and are a bitch to swallow. I take 2000mg every few hours to keep it away. I was fighting one for a bloody year, so the dr. finally gave me Valtrex.

I also have the Neosporin for cold sores, Aveeno's cold sore (expensive, but could very well be worth it), and one other....GOOD LUCK! I know your pain oh too well.
Those lips make me hurt. And not the good kind of hurt, either.

Hope you and The Squeeze are feeling better soon.
Yikes, you were fighting one for a year!? That would drive me batty. However, I am still suffering with that sinus crud I've had for about 18 months now. I'd love one morning without hacking and gagging and coughing up throat oysters.

I saw a plastic surgery documentary from the UK that Pete Burns hosted and he showed pictures of his lips after he had surgery. Big complications. Pus was shooting out. It was revolting.

Jeez, I really hope nobody was eating lunch when reading my replies. Sorry about that.
Dave - I wasn't exactly a happy camper. Also, avoid citric acid (i.e., oranges, grapefruit, etc.) and popcorn. I read popcorn somewhere and noticed the next time I had popcorn that I need to pop the Lysine. Oh, my other remedies are Campho-phenique and Herpecin-L. Good luck with it! I'd rather have a sinus infection, for the record.
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