Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Coming Soon To The Apollo Theater

Don't miss this upcoming one night only appearance at the Apollo Theatre in the heart of Harlem.
"The Asshat Monologue", performed by Don Imus.
Please note: the monologue was not written by Mr. Imus himself, but rather by the audience. He is merely repeating it back to them in what is expected to be an unprecedented performance.
Special opening act is the inimitable Michael "Kramer" Richards.

"Bound to be a classic." - The Tribune
"With these performers, how could you go wrong?" - The Spectator
"This show is so hot it could boil tar, baby." - The Review
"Ho, ho, ho, I laughed so hard I needed a little nappy." - The Sun

You have to wonder what he was thinking when he said that. Oh wait, that's right, you don't need to think to be on the radio. Dipshit. I'm still unsure how that comment could ever be considered even slightly humourous.
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