Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Did I Have My Cake And Delete It Too?

A few weeks back I tried to make my first carrot cake. I've enjoyed eating them in the past, and I figured, hey, carrots, it's gotta be good for me. The recipe I was using was a healthier version that I found in the newspaper and quite frankly, I was a bit suspicious. The recipe was a bit vague about the amount of carrots to use. It called for five large carrots. Large. According to who? I set out to use the largest carrots I could find because I figured they meant really large. Otherwise, they would have just said "five carrots", right?

Well, I baked that sucker for about twice the length of time suggested because every time I went to check on it, it was still very wet in the middle. It finally got to the point where it looked like it might be ok and I took it out and let it cool. Later that night when I tried to cut it in half to ice it, I realized it was a wet goopy mess. The Squeeze, bless his heart, thought it might not be too bad, and he tried a small piece of the cooked edge of the cake.

"Ya, that's not going to be enjoyable" he said.

What a diplomat.

Into the trash it went.

I came to realize after looking at other carrot cake recipes that my five large carrots was more than twice the amount every other cake required based on cups of grated carrot stated. Most called for 2 1/2 cups of grated carrot. I had about 6 cups.

But I digress. I took pictures of the first cake I decorated in my class and saved them on the computer. It was a cute little cake with a rainbow and clouds. It looked cool. The second cake was a more elegant one with icing roses and sweetpeas and leaves and shell borders.

This past weekend I made another carrot cake that I decorated with a cream cheese icing and decorated with carrots I made out of marzipan. It was a great tasting cake. The friend who I made it for as a birthday surprise was blown away. I took pictures of it and put them on the computer in my "cakes" file.

What the hell? Where are my pictures of the rose cake? Maybe I saved them in another file by accident. I scoured every folder and directory that computer has, and I couldn't find it. Checked the recycle folder and every folder in it, and still nothing.

They were gone. The Squeeze even checked it out with no luck. I was pissed. How could I have lost them? I checked the memory cards in my camera bag, and they were all cleared out too. I'm beginning to think that perhaps I never uploaded them to the computer. It's the only thing I can think of, but I was pretty sure I did.

It appears that I'll have to fake it and bake another one and decorate it the same way. Of course, I'll tell everyone the story of how it isn't really my second cake, but a replica. So what's the point? I didn't take pictures of the lousy carrot cake I threw out, so maybe things have just balanced out.

Holy cow! That's a beautiful cake! I hate recipes that say things like "five large carrots." Give me exact measurements, people! I'm no cook, that's why I use a recipe!!!
"Ya - that's not going to be enjoyable." LOL.. I can just hear him saying that! What a gem. Give him a big hug for me.

Okay, you lost your photos. Life goes on. Get out your crayolas and draw a picture from memory.

And draw me a nice big vonwxgok while you're at it.

oops - the next word is axtwrod. Clearly more appropriate.
If it makes you feel better, I lost all of my Champ Car pictures from Vegas where they were flying over this major bump and all four tires in the air. They were sweet pictures and they're just gone.
Thanks. I was thrilled that it tasted even better! I'm with you about needing exact measurements. Especially when making something you've never made before. Once you have the basics you can improvise. I should have known better.
Even though misery loves company, I'm sorry to hear you lost your pix. Doesn't that just suck?

Ya, he cracks me up too. That's why I keep him. :o)
Why draw one when I can bake another and then we get to eat it? If only I wasn't being good!

wnunqbnh...isn't that what Helen Keller called her dog?
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