Friday, June 29, 2007



I had a woman come into my store to ask if I could cut her a piece of non-glare glass to fit her frame. Sure, no problem. We do it all the time. She then produced an old, beat-up, chipped oval frame. Ugh!

Normally, cutting glass is no big deal - if it has straight edges. We just put it on the cutter, score it, snap it, and we're done. Oval frames, on the other hand, are a bit more difficult. I have to cut it to it's widest points, and then need to mark, score and snap away the excess by hand to give it the oval shape we're looking for. More often than not, we wind up destroying the piece of glass and need to start over with another piece.

When I told her that the price would be $12.00, you'd think I just slapped her grandchild across the face.

"You're kidding! $12.00 for a piece of glass?"
"For a hand-cut, oval piece of non-glare glass, yes."
"Well. I think I'm going to check elsewhere."

I'm not sure what she was expecting to pay, but I'm kinda hoping that someone else tells her they can do it for $11.00. I'm sure it will be worth her time and gas driving around to save a buck. I certainly won't miss spending more in raw materials than I'll get back.

People just have no clue what things cost. I think it sounds reasonable to me. She could probably by a whole frame cheaper at Michael's. ;-)
What a maroon.
She sounds like the type that even if she chooses you to do the work, and even if you do it perfectly to her specifications, she'll find some nitpicky little thing about which to complain. Good luck.
Well, as it turns out, she came back. Perhaps we're priced too low. The business partner was looking after the front desk when she returned. She claims that she didn't bother looking around, but rather that she decided to have it done here since we're in the neighbourhood. She implied to him that the price was high, but he just said matter-of-factly, "you're not going to find anyone who will cut a non-glare oval piece of glass for less than $12.00."
I think she already knew that.
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