Wednesday, June 27, 2007


The Haircut

I'm what one might call "follically challenged". As it would just be a rip-off for me to pay a hairstylist to cut my Friar Tuck 'do, I do it myself with my handy dandy clippers. I've had a set of hair clippers for ages. I used to cut the hair of my more adventurous friends when requested back in the day. At one point last year, The Squeeze asked me to cut his hair and he was very pleased with the results. I have been doing it for him ever since. We just set up a stool in the bathroom and I clip and snip away. Short on the back & sides, a bit longer on the top. Think of a mullet in reverse with less of a party up front. OK, maybe that's a bad comparison.

I used the clippers, set to 5/8" length for the back and sides and grabbed the comb and scissors to take care of the top. I got about halfway through when for some reason I pulled a total spaz and lost my grip on the comb. It fell from my hand, I clumsily tried to grab it, missed, it bounced off The Squeeze's chest, hit his leg and... TWO POINTS!!!

Yes boys and girls.





"So that's it for that comb, eh?", The Squeeze calmly asked.
As the water in the bowl was clean, nothing "mellowing", I decided it could be kept.
The Squeeze scooped it out (thank God it floated) and gave it a good wash with plenty of soap and scalding hot water, and I carried on with the haircut.

Truth be told, I probably would have tossed it out, but it fits into the little moulded spot in the kit and another comb just wouldn't fit. I'd have to throw out the whole kit and buy a new one.

From now on, when hair is being cut in the bathroom, the toilet lid will be closed.

I think I'm going home to bleach that comb after work.

Hi.. I've giggled at alot of your responses over at FWG's place so today I finally stepped out of the box to peek at yours.

Congrats at your continued weight loss!! I really should be taking a page from your book and eat sensible and excersise more, but I have less will power I guess.

Take care, I'll be popping back!
What's the deal with all the toilet droppings lately. Wait a minute...that just sounds gross.

Just make sure you don't ever drop your yazekf in the toilet.
Wow! June 27 is National Toilet Dropping Day! Believe it or not - I had a second "toilet drpping" experience later in the day - after blogging the first! I'll blog it later. Kinda sleepy right now. G'night John-Boy... g'night eekopk...
My toilet lid is ALWAYS down. Always.Always.Always. Unless, of course, I'm in need of it for its expressed purpose. I'm completely paranoid of stuff falling into it or the dreaded six feet in all direction microspray when flushed. Grosses me right out.
Thanks for stoping by my little corner of the interweb. Thanks for the congrats too! Hope you enjoy your visits. Please, help yourself to something from the minibar.

Toilet droppings...ya, that does sound a bit indelicate.
BTW, if my yazekf could reach the water, I'd be in a whole different line of work. ;o)

Kinda makes you wonder what the strangest thing to be dropped in has been. Or maybe it's just me.

The business partner has a thing about keeping the lid down too. God forbid The Squeeze comes by to use the loo and leaves it up.
That 6' spray thing is pretty gross.
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