Friday, June 08, 2007


In His Pants

After taking my morning walk today I came home, had my shower and started getting dressed for work. Just for a lark, I figured I'd try on a pair of pants another size smaller than the ones I've been wearing for the past few weeks. I grabbed the jeans from The Squeeze's dresser, checked the label for the size, and as I stepped into them I figured they'd get stuck halfway up my legs, but they kept on going. OK, they made it this far, but I bet it will be a while before I can button and zip them up. With no effort, I did them up. What the hell!? I am shocked. That's three pant sizes (or six inches) in the past few months as a result of eating better and moderate exercise. When did I last fit into these pants? No idea. Probably a few years anyway.

The Squeeze called me at work today and I gave him the news. He was thrilled for me. He is SO supportive. A real benefit of this is that I have a pile of jeans in this size. I won't have to do laundry for two weeks! Gotta like that.

Yay! I am seriously thrilled for you! Maybe one day I can get myself together enough to lose a few pounds and fit into a smaller sized pair of jeans.

That would be like totally hwttug.
Woohoo!!!! I'm still jealous because I can't lose a pound, but since The Libertarian essentially dumped me yesterday I figure I'll be losing a few pounds as food holds no interest.
So, where'd you go? I just realised we haven't had a baby update in a while...nor pictures. Just sayin'.
Dude, It's time for another post. How's beautiful Brynn? And how's the de-tub going? Still being good?

wceukdmf's new?
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