Tuesday, June 05, 2007


The Incredible Shrinking Magnet

The walking and better eating regimen that I've been doing the past couple of months really seem to be working for me. Every few days I hop on the scale and I'm liking the results. To date I've dropped about 45 pounds and I'm just loving the fact that the next smaller pant size is just around the corner.

I was at the chiropractor's office yesterday and he asked how the battle was going. He asked me how much I had lost so I told him. He then asked what my goal was. I just said "my goal is to lose the word 'morbidly'". I thought he was going to piss his pants. Yep, about another 25 pounds and I'll merely be clinically obese! WooHoo! Seventy-five more after that and I'll be overweight! Roughly 40 more beyond that and I'll be normal weight.

Ya. No pressure. Quite frankly, I'd be thrilled to get away from that 'obese' term. 'Overweight' I can live with. I've lived with the other long enough.

I'd love to lose those 25 pounds (or more) within two months because The Squeeze and I are going to be hopping on a couple of planes for a bit of a vacation, and it would be great to not have to grease up to get in the seats. I'm really hoping we get seated beside Nicole Richie or something a bit beefier...like a broom so we can spread out a bit.

But I know it's one day at a time. That was NOT a crack at Valerie Bertinelli's widened and now slimming backside. I know there will be a plateau where I'll be pissed and ready to give up. I'll just have to up the exercise at that time. Exercise and moderation of what I eat. The best part is that I'm not really denying myself little treats from time to time so I don't feel deprived.

If I feel like a cookie, I'll have one. Not half a dozen. One. If I have a craving for chicken wings when we go out, I'll split a small order. I won't eat two pounds of them. If I want dessert, I'll have a popsicle or one scoop of gelato.

I go for my up-tempo walk right when I get up, have my shower and eat a bowl of shredded wheat with 1% milk (when the grocery store doesn't run out!) for breakfast. While at work I have my salad with grilled chicken and raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Maybe a banana or a handful of almonds, walnuts & raisins if I feel like it. Dinner is normally something like a lean steak or butterfly pork chop with brown rice and veggies. Maybe a lean burger and salad. Whatever is on the list.

I'm hoping that posting my progress on here will help me stay on track.

Keep me honest people! Make me accountable!

A Butterfly chop? How much meat can a butterfly have on it? Don't starve youself darling!

Ha ha. Listen little dude. I'm seriously delighted for you and wanting totally on board. I know we've always been bad bad influences on each other and that may have something to do with us hardly seeing each other any more but I'm totally game for hooking up for a healthy meal.

I'm serious about wlcdzg-ing myself down to a respectable size.
Holy crap! You're doing so fabulously well on your new eating plan!!! I still have 20 lbs to lose, but figure I'll never lose it unless I stop eating all together and that's just not advisable (or so I'm told).

Good work, Dave!
FWG: (Jeezus! it took me four tries to get those letters right! not to mention the typos while writing this.)
Anyhooo...bad influences!? Nah. We just encourage each other to let our hair down. No smart-ass comment there.
Time and commitments are the only thing keeping us from getting together lately, but I'm dying to do so soon. This weekend isn't good. The Squeeze is working Saturday night and I've got something going on that night and Sunday as well. I'll have to check our calendar to see if the next weekend works, if it works for you.
A 24 oz. prime rib would be considered healthy, n'est pas? OK, maybe the 8 oz. filet with grilled veggies and club soda.
Count me in!

Thanks for the encouragement! I can't imagine being at the point where I only need to drop 20 more. With any luck I may get there some day, but if I only get to the place where I need to lose 20 more pounds, I'd consider myself successfully completed.

xcptkg (how freaky is that!?
ex captain(vino) kilograms!?!
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