Wednesday, June 27, 2007


The Pump: Part 2

The weekend following our Father's Day water pump experience, The Squeeze and I returned to the cottage to replace the overflow valve. It also happened to be my mother's birthday, so we brought along flowers and a cake I made. I even decorated it with roses much like the cake I lost the photos of recently, so this time I managed to get photos and put them on the computer. I'll post the pictures when I'm home.

Replacing the valve was fairly painless and we all headed in to visit my folks after that. My mother, expecting a fair amount of company to arrive had baked three, yes, three cakes. Her famous strawberry flan, a walnut cake and a cheesecake. My addition was just a bit much, but we had to try them very thin slices. When it was finally time to leave, only 1/4 of my cake was eaten and my mother insisted we take it with us because she already had so much. Even though we didn't want it at home either, we agreed.

When we arrived at home I found the top layer had slid off of the bottom layer thanks to the lemon filling acting as a lubricant of sorts, and the icing, roses and all, was smooshed onto the sides of my cake carrier. Luckily it didn't affect the taste. Yes, that's right, The Squeeze and I have been eating the cake, damnit!

My mother called Monday to thank me again for the flowers and cake, and she told me that another of my brothers and his wife came by later for a visit. She had told them about this cake and how nice it looked and how good it tasted. My sister-in-law said, "well I have to try a piece of that, it sounds so good!" I knew I should have just left it there and ran.

As requested, I e-mailed a picture of the cake to my sister-in-law and told her she's have to imagine the taste of moist lemon cake with lemon filling since my mother banished the cake from her home.

I was dreading looking at the scale this morning, but I was pleasantly surprised. I'm down a total of 55 lbs. now. It's coming off a bit slower now, but I'm still working away at it. I've upped my distance to about 4km every morning and I do that in about 40-45 minutes. I think in a week or so I'll add some more forms of exercise to the routine. Maybe some situps to firm up the belly a bit. We'll see how that goes.

If you want I can send you the workout Drew at the gym gave me. It's not overly hard and it only takes about 20 minutes, I think. I'm on a hiatus right now from the gym, because I decided that I don't really need to see the Libertarian right now.

The cake sounds lovely.
Hey, that would be cool. I need some kind of instruction. If I tried to do it myself I'd probably wind up in traction.
It was designed so I can do it at home in front of the TV. I'll e-mail it to you. Of course, you might need someone to show you how to do the actual exercises. I know I needed Drew to show me a couple of times, but I'm completely uncoordinated.
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