Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Date Night

Saturday afternoon after finishing work, The Squeeze and I whipped up a couple of burgers on the barbecue and enjoyed a nice casual dinner. We spent some time hmming and hawing (more hmming than hawing actually), as we looked at our ensuite from hell and tried to come up with some solution. As neigher of us was feeling any sort of motivation to tackle any of the projects we need to address, we decided to scan the newspaper and see what movies were showing. Ah ya, avoidance...that'll get it done! Really, we just were in no frame of mind to work on the house.

The Squeeze wanted to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which I wanted to see as well, but I figured the theatre would be packed full of annoying theatre-goers. Perhaps we should wait a few weeks. What else was on....hmm....Hairspray. Ya, I'm thinking not. Nothing else really appealed to us, so I figured, what the hell, let's see Harry Potter. As long as we get in early enough and stake our claim we should be ok. There was a 7:00 and 7:45 showing. It was 6:30. The 7:00 show was out of the question, but 7:45 would give us time to buy the tickets, go to the local big box book store nearby, and hit the grocery store before the show.

Following FWIG's example, I planned to pick up a bottle of popcorn seasoning to take into the theatre with us. I noticed at the last movie I went to that they no longer provide shakers of seasoning for your popcorn. I noticed instead that they sell little packets of the seasonings at the concession counter. I could just imagine how much they soak you for a little packet of white cheddar flavouring. I'm pretty sure that the theatres were really feeling the pinch of supplying about five cents of seasoning on your $8.00 bag of popcorn. Maybe they should consider jacking up the price of admission.

As we had a gift card to redeem, we had to see a real live human being to get our tickets. By this time it was about 6:50. I asked if the 7:45 movie was sold out yet. No, but there were only 58 tickets left. I asked the clerk where and when the line-up forms. She informed me that they are already lining up outside cinema #5. As it turned out, people were already in the theatre holding their seats.

Crap. So much for taking off and looking at books for half an hour or so. And so much for popcorn seasoning. I figured I'd just bite the bullet and buy their little packet. The Squeeze went into the theatre to grab us seats while I waited in the slowest line ever to get out snacks. After about 20 minutes I finally got my turn at the counter. I decided to get the Simpson's movie bucket combo. A big bucket of popcorn that I figured would be easier for us to eat from rather than a deep narrow bag. Not to mention it comes with a free refill. WooHoo! The combo also includes what is pretty much a bucket of pop, just in regular huge cup form - no handle. I grabbed one for The Squeeze too. I don't want to infect him with this lingering cold. And it would just be weird for a lot of the folks there to see two grown men sharing a drink. Did I mention that the drinks come with a free refill too? While I was placing my order, I noticed the little sign that stated that the first popcorn seasoning was free. Additonal packets are 49 cents. Not too bad actually.

By the time I made my way into the theatre, it was about 80% packed. So there we sat and ate and drank until the movie started at about 8:00. Hard to believe we sat in a theatre for an hour before the movie to see this. No wonder my ass was killing me by the end.

The movie was quite good. That Harry Potter is one moody, self-centered teenager in this one. "Me, me me...it's all about me. Everyone is keeping things from me. Nobody tells me anything. The Dark Lord is trying to kill me." Sheesh, like we all haven't been through all the same stuff! Suck it up Harry!

Surprisingly, the audience was not annoying in the least. I had a guy beside me who kept talking back to the screen during previews, but that was about it. No, I'm not talking about The Squeeze. I didn't get kicked in the back of my seat by some irritating kid. No obnoxious people talking through the movie. Minimal people walking back & forth in front of us.

The real kicker in all of this is that we never did go get refills on the popcorn or pop. That's probably a good thing.

I heard that viewership at The Order of the Phoenix was down this weekend because all the Harry Potter freaks (of which I'm a proud member) were engrossed in the final book.
Holy moly. My internet goes down for a while and you start blogging every day. Gots me some catching up to do.

You went to a real live human being? Wow. How quaint. Did it have like - hair and sweat and everything?

I want to see the new Potter movie after I catch up by seeing the one previous Potter movie that I missed. Unfortunately I can't figure out which one I missed. They all seem the same to me. Or maybe I've seen them all and I just can't count. Oh I don't know.

Things that make you say 'hmvnn'
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