Friday, July 20, 2007


The Inspection

Yesterday morning the inspectors came to check out the renovations for the first time. First the plumbing guy showed up. The Squeeze took him upstairs to show him the ensuite, and the first thing the inspector said was, "where is the vent stack?" The Squeeze pointed to the main stack on the other side of the room. Apparently, that wasn't quite good enough. It would seem that when you have fixtures more than five feet from the main stack, you need to have another vent. As it stands now, if we were to flush the toilet, it would also suck out the water from the P-trap under the shower, allowing sewer gas to seep into the room through the shower drain. Ya, that's not good. Also, Joe the handyman hooked up some funkadelic toilet drain system requiring him to cut out the garage ceining below and building a drop box to house it. Turns out, that drain is too steep of a decline. He could have just hooked it into the old toilet drain that was already there. Now we have to rip all of that out, build out another frame wall to double the width of the existing frame wall for the vent stack to go up and connect into the main vent.

I guess this would make much more sense if you could see the drawings, but you get the idea.

When the next inspector arrived seconds after the other one left, he informed us that the plastic pipe he used on the exhaust fan is not to code. It needs to be rigid metal duct pipe. Apparently that should have been in the instruction booklet, which I'm guessing he didn't read. There was something else he pointed out...I know there was, but I can't recall right now. Let's just say that we're both a bit pissed that he didn't know all of this, considering he even had the provincial building code book there with him.

It looks like The Squeeze and I will be getting all of this fixed and putting Joe on hold until we get re-inspected. Once that is all done, he can come in and drywall. That seems to be what he's best at. I'm just so pissed at all of the wasted time and money for shit that needs to be ripped out and re-done. The worst part is that he's an acquaintance of The Squeeze's, and it just makes things a bit stickier.

This project is killing us.

On a much happier note, my cold seems to be pretty much gone. I spent most of the day at home yesterday since the business partner was in the shop, so I was able to relax. I played some online poker and some other games between rests. This morning I even got back on the treadmill for the first time in a week.

Today I stumbled upon this infectious video this kid made. Now I have to download some Scissor Sisters tunes to my iPod tonight. It's so catchy, and the kid did a great job with it.

Wish us luck on the re-renovating!

Gosh I never realized that song was so long.

Or that you were such a troll.

Usson dont feel like dancin...!
Egads, home renovations - just one more reason I live in an apt.
Okay, I could only handle about 2.5 minutes of that song. The kid was cute, but I don't think I'll be investing in the Scissor Sisters anytime soon.
fwg: troll? wtf? liking a song makes me a troll? are you insinuating I'm a troll because there's a teenage (I'm guessing) kid in it? Who do you think I am? _a__e_c_? I defy anyone to watch that video and not be put in a better mood. I defy you all!!! I'm going to watch that video now.

kat: ya, there's something to be said about renting.
I won't be buying and SS stuff either. This is really their only song that I enjoy. Kinda like a mix of Erasure and (egad) The BeeGee's. It's right there at the top of my workout playlist on the iPod.
I love Erasure. Every time I switch out songs on my iPod, I leave on all the Erasure songs. They're so uplifting.
LOL. Just kid'n. And I confess, my mood was lifted. Fun. Much like this video, one of my faves:

FMD is a khbilpdx, not quite a troll...
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