Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Lions And Cheetahs And Deer, Oh My!

There is nothing worse than a summer cold. I can handle it in the winter because I know there are thousands out there suffering right along with me. Not so in the summer.

How did I get this cold? Well, I'm pretty sure I got it from Zoe who was sent home with a fever from that petrie dish called a day-care last Monday. Weezie had to leave work to pick her up and drop her off at home with her mother, and I came by that morning to help with the kids. Of course, Zoe was running around like a lunatic all day while I was there. Clearly she was unaware that she was home ill.

Fast forward to Friday. Damnit! I'm sick. Since I'm working solo pretty much every day, I had to go in.

Ditto Saturday.

That night I assisted The Squeeze in finishing up the plumbing in the ensuite. No leaks, baby! Gotta like that.

I called Weezie to discuss plans for Sunday. The Squeeze and I had been planning for the past few weeks to take the girls for the day to African Lion Safari. It turns out Typhoid Zoe hit everyone in the house. Brynn had a cold, Weezie had a cold that turned into tonsilitis, and Weezie's mother was sick too. So far, the only one not infected was The Squeeze. Knock wood. As this was the only free Sunday we had for some time, and the weather was perfect we decided to go anyway. One stop for some Tylenol cold medication and we were on our way. After the girl at the gate cleaned out my wallet, we parked, sunscreened the girls and boarded the bus to tour the grounds and see the animals.

I held Brynn while The Squeeze had Zoe in the seat behind me. Zoe seemed interested in the animals for a brief time, but clearly was more interested in the sandals being worn by the young woman behind her. She's got a bit of a shoe fetish, that one. She's got the attention span of a two year old. Most likely because she is a two year old. Zoe grew restless sitting on Poppy's lap and kept wanting to walk around the bus, but since the driver stated to remain seated at all times (not to mention the fact that she can barely stay upright on level ground), he had to pretty much restrain her. Brynn got a bit antsy too, but it was lunchtime afterall, luckily I brought the bag with her bottle. It just kills me how we're in a big wildlife reserve with all sorts of exotic animals roaming around us, and the kids are more fascinated with the screwheads holding the seats together. It's that whole "buy them a great gift and watch them play with the box" thing.

In all honesty, it did take a long time to get through the place because of all of the cars ahead of us that stopped forfuckingever to look at each and every animal. When we finally got off we made a beeline for the Ark, unloaded the blanket and cooler and had a picnic under a tree. All was well until Zoe threw a piece of cheese away and we were attacked by seagulls.

After rolling up the picnic we got the girls in the double stroller and walked through the other areas of the park. We looked at exotic birds, elephants, and even went into the petting zoo. What was Zoe most impressed with? Your common everyday rabbit. We could have gone to PetSmart for free!

Perhaps the girls were a bit too young to really appreciate the park, but it was also The Squeeze's first time there, so it wasn't a total bust. The girls were really quite well behaved the whole time. There was one poor woman there with her three or four year old son and he was having a non-stop meltdown. Just throwing a screaming fit and he would. not. stop. I really felt sorry for her. I felt more sorry for the elephants that had to hear this little brat screaming outside of their pen. I like to think that if I were in her situation, I would just pack the kids up and go home. We'll see what happens when the time comes.

Pretty much all of Monday was spent in bed except for my excursion to a Vietnamese restaurant for some soup and pad thai to go. The small soup fills a serving bowl and it was under five bucks. I could have ordered an extra large soup for under nine bucks, but I don't think I could have carried it. By the time I finished my lunch I was sweating like a sumo wrestler in a fur coat. That's what I was looking for. I need to sweat this stuff out of my system.

Apparently it didn't work. I'm here at work today and still stuffed up and coughing. I'll keep popping the meds and hoping for the best.

On the weight loss front....come on! What's wrong with you people? I'm sick! Leave me alone! I haven't had the energy to get on the treadmill since Friday! I'm not going to do a ticker update until I've licked this cold and been back on the treadmill for a couple of days. Hopefully this time next week.

I've licked a cold once.......not a good thing my friend......her husband wasn't that impressed either.


I'm a firm believer in Alka-Seltzer Cold & Cough (preferably nighttime).

There was a lady in front of us at the zoo waiting to get into the Kangaroo Walkabout area who threatened her child with leaving if said child didn't behave. Said child did not behave, but nor did they leave, so who blames the kids? Not me. The kid knew they weren't going to leave no matter how much it misbehaved. And trust me it was old enough to know...at least 7 or 8.
PK: ewww!

Kat: I've looked for that up here and we don't seem to have it. Might just be in the US. I love how you refer to the kid as "it". But ya, the parents really need to show the kid that bad behaviour has its consequences.
Next time don't forget to put on your biohazard suit.
Dave - Oh yeah! I need to send you some, don't I!!! I promised oh so long ago - didn't you get a summer cold last year, too?

I only said "it" because I couldn't remember if it were a boy or a girl. ;-)

Send me your address and I'll put a supply in a box.
Kat: Thanks for the offer, but no need. I'm heading to St. Louis in two weeks, so I'll pick some up while I'm over the border. I'm just about over it now, but I'll have some on hand for the next one. And now that you mention it, ya, I think I did have this last year. I hope this doesn't become a habit.
are people bugging you for a weightloss update?

I caught a summer cold too :(
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