Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Putting It Out There

In my obsession with getting healthier, I have been scanning a number of weight-loss websites and saw something that I thought was pretty cool. It's a weight-loss ticker. It exists to show a person's start, current and goal weight and BMI. People make it public so others can see their progress and encourage or shame them into sticking with it. I'm not much into the shame thing, but encouragement always helps. Maybe there's something to the shame thing. Nobody likes to look bad to their peers, so it makes one want to keep at it.

So here you have it. Me in a nutshell. I have laid it all out. Although most people can't believe it or they're being kind, I started out at 375 (yikes) and have selected a goal weight of 225. Why? Why not? I haven't weighed 225 since I was seven. It seemed like a nice even number (even though 225 is an odd number). Maybe it's just that losing a buck and a half has a nice ring to it. Maybe it's that for my height (6' 1"), 225 gets me out of the "obese" category and brings me down to "overweight". Either way, I'm 40% on my way to my goal.

I'll be sure to post updates occasionally. Maybe once a week, every other week...once a month? What do you think?

I think you're doing fabulously well!! I know people who have actually posted "before" pics in bike shorts and sports bras and thought that was exceptionally brave of them. I wouldn't do it!!!
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