Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Another Update

For some reason I was thinking that this would take me out of the "MORBID" category. Actually, it appears that I might still be a few ounces away. Oh well, close enough for me! Hopefully by tomorrow it will be official and I'll have a BMI less than 40. Keep those fingers crossed.

You go, Dave!!! I think it has to help that you're posting this because it gives you incentive. Kind of like me posting my book reading gives me incentive to read more of the stacks of books around my apt.
Way to go, champ! I expect you'll catch up and pass me any time now. I've been stuck at 290 for a while. I'm sure I need to ramp up the excercise levels. Won't be hard to do this week. Playoffs are here. Three lacrosse games in three nights. I expect to die.

Hey Kats - You don't need to lose weight! ;-)

Ugh. I'm feeling mildly uupmupic
You rawk. You'll do it, congrats in advance.
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