Wednesday, August 08, 2007


A Break Between Vacations

Here I am at home again. But just for a few days. We returned from our trip to St. Louis on Tuesday and I managed to get the majority of the laundry done before we head up north on Saturday. I'm really looking forward to getting up there to relax. St. Louis was a great time, and we spent a lot of quality time with friends old and new. One day we made our way to the St. Louis Zoo and despite the heat had a great time.

Our flights down there went off without a hitch as did our drive back with our friends. Luggage arrived where we did, no delays. All was well.

The one thing that didn't go well was the fact that I was away from the treadmill for nearly a week, and although we didn't go crazy with food, somehow I managed to pack on about ten pounds! Yes, that's right, ten pounds! What a blow to the spirit that is. How can something that takes three or four weeks to get rid of come back in less than a week? How unfair is that? I even made a point to not have dessert after meals because I was trying to be good. I can't imagine what would have happened if I had them. YIKES!

I was so exhausted when I got to bed last night. Unfortunately, this morning at 8:00 we were expecting our new plumber to show up and check out the job. I barely made it out of bed by 7:30 in time for my shower, so there was no exercise this morning either. The reason I didn't get on the treadmill this morning is that it is in the next room to the master bedroom. Since it gets kind of warm up here, I tend to wear the bare minimum while I'm on it, and believe me, it's nothing I want to subject the poor plumber to. As it turned out, he didn't arrive until after 9:00. He's working away in the next room as I type, and it will probably take him 2 (possibly 3 days). I swear I'll be on the treadmill tonight.

Tomorrow I'll be at work while my business partner has some appointments. It sucks to have to work during vacation, but what the hell. I'm home and don't have much else planned. Aside from catching up on sleep. I hope to do a lot of that next week.

Maybe some of the pounds are muscle?!

Just trying to stay hopeful :)

You can do it!
First off, promise me you'll talk to your doctor about the exercise program I sent you to make sure it's good for you.

I can't exercise right now. I found out on Monday that I have a torn meniscus in my right knee. Yay. Appt. with orthopedic surgeon tomorrow a.m. *sigh*
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