Sunday, August 26, 2007


Kinda Bummed

For the past several months, Weezie (my baby momma) has been working toward getting a new house for her, her mother, and the girls. She had a house next door to her mother's, but it was pretty small and she really needs to have each girl in their own room. Otherwise, it could be a nightmare what with Zoe rocking and nattering on forever when she's put to bed and keeping Brynn up. Likewise, when Brynn wakes up and cries, Zoe would be woken up too. It could make for two tired, unbearable children. Weezie sold her house earlier this year and she moved in temporarily with her mother next door. Weezie and Zoe sleep in the two bedrooms in the basement (which used to be my apartment once upon a time), and her mother and Brynn sleep in the two bedrooms on the main floor. It's not an ideal situation as Weezie's mother has some knee and hip problems and going up and down the stairs is a bit painful for her.

A few weeks back, Weezie sold her cottage on the lake just outside of Hooterville. This, in addition to the money she got from selling her house, would allow her to purchase a new home that they could all live in comfortably. Once that is done, her mother could sell her house and have a little extra bingo money.

Weezie has been looking around for a few weeks now for the perfect place, but hasn't been having any luck. Anything in her price range doesn't have the layout (4 bedrooms on the same floor, living room, family room, eat-in kitchen and dining room) she wants. All the places that do have it all are way out of her price range in this area.

Last week she informed me that she was going to put an offer in on a place in Hooterville! That's about an hour from The Squeeze and me. We felt this sense of sadness and seperation when we heard this. The idea that she's moving the girls away from us was a bit of a blow. We felt like we weren't going to be able to see them as often. We'd have to drive so much further. I might have to trade in the ark for something a bit more fuel efficient.

Enough about us. The benefit of her moving to Hooterville is that she has a lot more support there. Most of her friends live there. My parents live there. Another couple that I know and have a very close bond with live right across the street from this house. If she's at work and one of the kids has to be sent home from daycare because they're sick (Zoe is the little queen of fevers), she has any number of people who could pick them up rather than drive an hour back home. Ya, she'd be commuting every day, but she's a nurse and can transfer to the local hospital or seniors' home if need be. The other thing that scares me about this move is that there's an in-ground pool in the back yard. Don't get me started on the fears THAT brings up!

But look at me jumping the gun. She was only putting an offer in. If they accepted her lowball offer, great. If not, it wasn't meant to be and she'll keep looking.

Weezie called me Saturday. They accepted her offer.

She's getting an inspection Monday. If all goes well, it's a done deal.

She's already looked into child-proof fencing around the pool and a pool alarm. That sets my mind at ease. I see the benefits to this move. So much more support. I grew up there, and it's a great place for a kid to grow up. There's a huge park and school behind their fence. My parents can see the girls more. And really, I used to make that drive daily to work before I moved. I'm sure I can handle doing it on Sundays. We could even take the girls overnight Saturday and come back Sunday afternoon with them. This could actually mean we'll get to spend more time with them.

We got to look after them today while Weezie was in Hooterville for a shower, and it was a blast. Brynn is at the stage where she's taking about two or three steps all by herself. She'll be booting around on her own in no time. She does the cutest thing where she climbs on pillows on the floor, lies down, and just laughs her butt off. Zoe informed me that she had to use the potty, so we hung out in the bathroom and waited for a while until we heard a little one second tinkle. Yay!

*Sniff* they grow up so fast.

Sometimes I just sit back and think "who would have ever thought my life would take all of these twists and turns?"

Okay, I thought it had been established that kiddie-potty stories had to come with a warning label at the top of the post! Whatup? I'm telling Claudia on you!

That's a good point about having more overnight visits. I was kind of worried for a bit there til you pointed out the positive angles. Good for you for positive thinking! Well done.

I'm sure it will work out well for everyone.

Xrvhuas? Look aliens, you been around a while now. Haven't you figured out English yet? Yeesh.
Oops...didn't know about that little regulation. My bad.

Anyone know what's up with all the major line spacing problems I've been having?
Yah, you're back. An hour drive sucks, but it sounds like it's all for the best. I'll make you some great mixed CDs for the drive and you'll be all set.
Hey, Im glad it worked out, and I am sorry they are further. It's god you see the positives in this and Good luck to all.

OH and hah! I tried at HIS request(labels at the top) But dammit it's too hard. I writing about poop all the time and I get a cramp retyping KID POOP WARNING.

Just ignore him ;) My goal is to get him to throw up at the computer and then read my apology at the end.
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