Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Well kids, today's my last day here at the salt mine for a few weeks. WooHoo!

Tonight we're packing our bags and getting ready to take off tomorrow night. The Squeeze has to work Thursday, but I'm taking it off to get some running around done. I'm going to take Brynn to Hooterville to visit my folks and celebrate my father's birthday a day early. It's always fun to spend time with her. Brynn, that is. I'm not calling my father "her". She's cutting more teeth, so she's drooling like a St. Bernard. A really, really, cute St. Bernard.

After we get our shit together, we're taking a shuttle to Buffalo where we will spend half a night. That's right. Half a night. Because we have to be at the airport at 4:00. AM. That means we have to be up around 3:00 which means we'll only have about 4 hours of....oh God, I can't think about it. Then we make our way to St. Louis by way of Chicago. It's strange, but I'm really not worried about not having our luggage transferred when we stop in Chicago. I'm sure everything will work out fine.

We'll be spending a few days with some friends there and will be driving back with a couple from Montreal that we know. There was a whole lot of planning to arrange this screwed up schedule!

When we get back the middle of next week, we'll have time to do laundry, relax a bit, and maybe do a couple of things around the house. Then we're heading north for a week of relaxation at the secluded cottage without electricity. We've still got to get all the gear so The Squeeze can use his CPAP machine. Damned sleep apnea. It didn't really dawn on me until after I booked the cottage with "propane appliances and lights" that we need electricity to run that thing. Who knew? So we need to get a generator from my brother, a battery of some sort and an inverter (whatever the hell THAT is).

My main concern is that I don't lose focus and start eating crap. It's bad enough I'll be away from the treadmill for nearly two weeks. That reminds me...I need to look up what to do to avoid being attacked by a bear while in the woods. Someone said bring a bell. Someone else told me to carry a big stick. I guess that way the bear can signal for his next course with the bell after eating me. And I'm sure the stick will make a nice toothpick.

If I don't check in late next week, I'll catch you all after August 18th!

You're flying to St. Louis and then driving to Montreal? Dear heavens, that'll be fun. I quite like St. Louis, actually, although I've only been there once. You might want to check out the Bowling Hall of Fame while you're there. ;-)

My little brother is having surgery for his sleep apnea on August 15. I don't think the CPAP machine helped him at all.

Your next few weeks sounds as busy as mine! Have fun. And please don't get eaten by a bear.
Cottage cottage cottage cottage cottage cottage! I can't freakin wait! Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

At least the bear will only get one of us. We'll find out which of us can run faster.

Whadda you mean - "4 hours of..."? Sleep? Or fflwjxdk?
The only way I know how to avoid being a bear's dinner is to not go where the bear lives.

I'm not much help, am I?

I guess you could do some research on what bears don't like to eat and rub yourself with whatever that may be.

Like liver or hominy. I'd bet bears don't like either one.

Have fun on your adventure! In fact have a lot of fhongz!
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