Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Another Update...And Canning Season Hits

I got on the scale this morning and for the first time in ...hell, I can't remember how many years it's been, I came in under 300 pounds. It looked to be around 299. The Squeeze suggested that I get on the digital scale that I've never been able to use due to it's weight restriction of 300 pounds.

I stepped on that scale and expected to see an ERROR message because I figured I was still too heavy for it, but instead I watched the digital numerals scrambling until it determined my weight. 296 pounds. Oh. My. God. I really can't believe it. It's still a pretty big number, but it sure as hell beats 375! Just shy of 80 pounds lost. I wonder if I can make it to 275 by Christmas. How awesome would that be to be 100 pounds lighter than I was last year? When that time rolls around I must decide whether to do my usual Christmas baking and be sure to give it all away or forgo it entirely. Out of sight, out of mind, and all that stuff. I just love the creative aspect of it.

Speaking of cooking and all that fun stuff, canning season has hit and I've got the bug. Yesterday I went out and did some shopping so I could make my red pepper jelly. I haven't made the stuff since Sept. 11, 2001. Seems like a strange time to do it, but I already had that day planned to make it, and it sure beat sitting in front of the TV watching the carnage over and over again.

But back to yesterday...I had to pick up some new jars because I think I sold them all in the yard sale when we moved. When will I learn? I hit the grocery store to buy a pile of red peppers, sugar, vinegar, pectin and all the other little things I'd need. I cleaned and sterilized the jars and began cutting the peppers. I was making a double batch (12 one cup jars). Turns out I had enough peppers to make three, possibly four double batches. When will I learn?? After blending the peppers and vinegar, I poured the mixture into a large pot and added the 13 (yes, 13) cups of sugar and added the pectin at the appropriate time. The mixture filled 12 jars perfectly. They were all processed and after removing them from the canner, I was rewarded with that satisfying click as the lids formed their seals. Ahhhh....all is well. How is it that 13 cups of sugar, 3 cups of finely chopped peppers (plus a few chopped jalapenos), 3 cups of vinegar and 1 1/2 cups of liquid pectin makes 12 cups of red pepper jelly? Go figure.

Wednesday night I'm making corn relish, and on the weekend I'm making bread & butter pickles and relish. I might also get some chutney going too. We'll see how time holds out. Half the fun of making this stuff is giving it away to friends and family. Let's face it, that stuff is packed with sugar. Better them than me. ]:o)

Dude, you're not gonna believe this but I got on the scale this morning as well and... Care to guess?

Yup. 296. We're tied. Sorta. Except I've only lost 21 lbs.

I'm taking this as a wake-up call. Good for you, Dave. And the race is on...
Woohoo!!! 296!!! Way to go, Dave! I am so freaking proud of you...and canning? That word isn't even in my vocabulary. What does one do with red pepper jelly?

WTF? fdhlglwb Who makes these up?
Let's race! Put on your red shoes and race the blues. Damn you Bowie!

Anyhoo...ya, it was cool to see a number starting in '2' rather than '3' for a change. Turns out I was only 9 lbs away from The Squeeze. That was yesterday. Today I'm at 295. 8 to go before I catch up. Not that this is a competition or anything.

I think stepping up the pace on the treadmill is making the difference...and let's not forget the fibre!!!

Thanks, baby! I tell ya, the encouragement really helps. Much appreciated.

I'm just loving the canning thing. The Squeeze and I chopped up a boatload of peppers, onions & celery last night for the corn relish we're making tonight.

Have you never had red pepper jelly?????? Oh. My. God. It is simply amazing. I first discovered it through my sister-in-law. Her grandmother used to make it ages ago, and I fell in love with the stuff. Ever since, I've been making it and spreading the love.

The best way to have it is simply poured over a brick of cream cheese and spread it onto crackers. It has an amazing sweet (did I mention all the sugar?) and spicy flavour, depending on how crazy you get with the hot peppers when it's made. I don't think I went too overboard...I'll have to crack open a jar and test it.

When I put out a plate of this stuff at Thanksgiving or Christmas the family inhales it.

I'll have to do up a care package for you of all the stuff I'm making.

anzpcqu for everyone!
Dave, that's what friends are for! Encouragement!!!! I need to get off my fat ass, but once again I'll be waiting until next week. ;-) I had appts. all week with Comcast and tomorrow I have to head to Grandma's right after work as family is in town for Grandma's husband's memorial mass.
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