Tuesday, September 18, 2007


It's Hard To Get Good Help & An Update

The other night as I was heading home, I had a hankering for a Southwest Taco Salad from Wendy's. I walked in, saw there was only one older man waiting for his order and figured I was in luck as there wouldn't be much of a wait. After standing at the counter for a few minutes while the staff scrambled around and ran into one another like something out of a Three Stooges flick, I was finally asked for my order.
"Taco salad to go", I said.
I waited for Buddy to figure out the buttons on the register and was asked for $6.49. I handed him a $10 and watched as he looked into his cash drawer with the look of utter confusion.
"Uhh...hang on a sec", he said as he walked away with both his mouth and cash drawer wide open. The supervisor came by with rolls of coins and traded them with buddy for some $20s.
While she did that he gathered up my salad and the chili that went with it. Meanwhile, the man that was standing at the counter when I walked in was still there waiting for the rest of his order. "Can I just get my fries so I can go home?" he finally snapped to anyone in the back that might have been listening.
Buddy handed me the order and I looked at him and informed him that I was still waiting for my change.
"My change from the $10 I gave you before you ran off to get change for your till."
He gathered up the change while I looked into the bag he handed me.
"And also the salad dressing, the chips and the sour cream for the salad."
"Oh......what kind of salad dressing?"
"The one that usually goes with the Southwest Taco Salad."
I've had this salad enough to know what goes with it.
While Buddy gathered up my salad components, the other man at the counter was gifted by another worker with the extra large fries instead of the regular size he ordered.
As I was heading home I wondered, is giving someone extra artery-clogging fries really doing them a favour?
Several months ago I would have thought that would be worth the wait, now I'd see it as sabotage.

Speaking of which...here's the newest update!

Look at that number fall!!! Good for you. I'm afraid that I'm always up for extra fries, even when I need to lose 20 lbs. Hopefully, the man had people at home w/whom to share.
Yay! Keep it up :)
I'm at the point where I'd like to have maybe 5 or 6 fries and end it there. Crazy, isn't it? I just want the taste, and that should do it for me. Who am I???

Thanks baby, I appreciate the support! You're an inspiration to me too.
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