Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Creepy TV

This morning I was watching The Today Show as I usually do while taking my stroll on the conveyor belt to nowhere. There was some sort of glitch that resulted in no audio for a few minutes. Growing tired with the silence, I checked out the on-screen guide and saw that an episode of Diff'rent Strokes was about to start on TBS. Sorry...I mean The Peachtree Network. What's up with that? So I switched channels and waited for that familiar song to start.

Now the world don't move
To the beat of just one drum
What might be right for you
May not be right for some...

What I didn't realize is just how creepy that into to the show is. I'm not talking about the corny music, I'm talking about the whole pedophilia-ishness of the visuals accompanying the tune.
It starts with the New York skyline and fades to millionaire widower Mr. Drummond (Conrad Bain) riding in the back of his chauffeur-driven car as he peers out the window at the sights of Harlem.

Cut to a shot through a chain link fence of Willis and Arnold (Todd Bridges and Gary Coleman) playing basketball with several other children. Willis holds Arnold up in his arms while Arnold throws the ball horizontally, ending miraculously in an arched shot right into the basket. A couple of "gimme five"'s and a little finger-gun action, not unlike that from Isaac from The Love Boat, and the boys look up. Arnold actually has a look of fear in his eyes as he grabs Willis' hand and they break into a run. One would think someone was after them.

Cut to a shot of Mr. Drummond squatted down beside his waiting car with the back door open. He reaches out his hands with this "come here little boys" look and when they arrive, he pretty much pushes them both into the back seat before getting in himself and signalling to the driver to burn rubber.

There are a few other slum shots before another peek into the back seat with Mr. Drummond sitting beside Willis as he slings his arm around him. The driver stops the car in front of Mr. Drummond's building and the boys get out, looking up at the building while Mr. Drummond cleans up slides over. The camera tilts from the base to the tip of the tall column, before cutting to a rear-view of Mr. Drummond, Willis and Arnold walking into the front door of the building.
Before walking in, the three of them glance back over their shoulders.

I'm guessing Mr. Drummond was looking to see if there were any witnesses. I can't help but choke back a tear thinking that the boys were taking one last look at their innocence.

Look for yourself. That's what I'm talking about, Willis!

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