Friday, October 05, 2007


Weight Update

As good as this looks to me, I heard something on the radio this morning that kind of chapped my ass. A mother and her son were on CBC Radio 1 this morning talking about how the son was grossly overweight and he then lost a ton of weight and ran some crazy long distance run. He's the same height as me. He now weighs 210, but was at 320 at his heaviest. At one point in the interview he said "I'm never going back to size 44 pants again."
Bitch, that's what I'm in now!

But soon you'll be the one saying that. You're over the halfway mark!
He wore those pants UNDER his belly, don't worry ;)
Ya, true enough. I like your point of view!

That made me laugh out loud. I was thinking the same thing actually.
You do it your way and don't worry about other people!!!
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