Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Eww! Eww! Eww! Eww! Ewwwwwwwwwwww!

Yesterday, like every morning, I dragged my butt out of bed and proceeded to the kitchen to take my pills and vitamins and grab a bowl of Mini Wheats (wheats, wheats, la la la la la la laaaa...sorry, couldn't resist. Damned catchy commercials.). In an attempt to minimize using every glass in the house, The Squeeze and I each keep a small Tupperware cup on top of the water cooler in the kitchen. Every so often we toss them in the dishwasher, but since it's our own germs we're dealing with, it's not really a worry to us. When I was a kid, I remember we kept a yellow Melmac teacup hanging on a hook by the sink and my whole family used it to get a drink of water from the kitchen tap. Perhaps that explains why many in my family suffer from coldsores. Who knew?

Anyway...where was I? Oh yes, I was taking my pills. I popped the pills into my mouth, grabbed my green cup, held it below the water-cooler nozzle to fill up, brought the cup to my mouth and took a drink. Something wasn't right. I felt something crawling on my lip. I pulled the cup away and there in my cup was a yellow sack spider. Needless to say, I threw the cup, spider and all into the sink, followed by my mouthfull of pills, while I screamed like a school girl and did the "Icky Icky Icky" dance around the kitchen.

What have we learned from this story? Many things:
- I don't like spiders, especially on my lips.
- I have the ability to scream like a schoolgirl.
- I shouldn't do tasks in a dimly lit kitchen.
- I should look into my cup before filling and drinking from it.
- There are many benefits to individual bottles of water.
- I may require therapy.

On another note....

The weight loss thing seems to be at a standstill. I've made it down to 284.5, and have upped and downed 3 or 4 pounds in the last few weeks. I had a 24 hour flu bug last Sunday, which kind of knocked a lot out of me, so I was off the treadmill for a few days. Add to that the fact that I was going to have company over that day which of course I had to cancel. That means that The Squeeze and I had a large amount of cheese and crackers, guacamole & chips, and other munchies I planned to serve my guests. I'm not sure when I'm going to have another free weekend day to have them all over, but it likely won't be before the new year. And nobody likes blue cheese....unless it's supposed to be blue, and then I'm all over that. So anyway, ya, we've been snacking.

But I'm back on track now. (That means the snack food is gone.) But Christmas is six weeks away. To bake or not to bake? It just isn't Christmas without my butter tarts, empire biscuits, peanut butter balls, key lime squares and all the other goodies. Of course I'd have to give them all away. Oh my god, I think I just gained two pounds typing that out!

I would have loved to see video of you dancing around the kitchen while screaming like a schoolgirl. ;-)
Yuck! I was wiping off my mouth while reading. I can't imagine. I've got to think about something else.
Oh my god. I laughed and laughed. I can clearly imagine it all!

I'm afraid to look at the scale. It's been a while. The walks have lessened in frequency. The cheating has increased. Okay. Hang on. Going to scale...

... 291. Gained 6 lbs. I was afraid it might be worse. Here's the problem (lame excuse): Since being promised a raise - what - 3 f#@^$% months ago? I promised I would join a gym soon as I get the raise. And knowing that has had me less diligent, counting my chickens before they hatch.

No, I'm not pregnant with chickens. I'm just fat. Sorry if I confused anyone.

But YOU!! Have a treadmill!! Get to work and no baking dammit!!
gross.... yeah me and bugs don't mix well either.
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