Thursday, November 22, 2007


So God, Told Dave, To Trade In The Arky, Arky...

It's official, and perhaps a bit sudden, I have divested myself of my Ark. My land yacht. My hugh-freakin'-bungous behemoth of an uncomfortable, fuel-sucking SUV. Yes, I am now in my final week with my 2003 Honda Pilot. Don't get me wrong, I didn't totally hate it. Just about 90% hated it. Pretty much from the week I bought it last October. It started with the uncomfortable steel bar in the seatback that pressed against my lower spine. The dealership I bought the thing from dicked me around. I wrote some letters, got some response, but after a couple of attempts to take the Ark back to have the problem resolved, I was left unimpressed. What really irked me was that this dealership is about half an hour or so from home, so it really chapped my ass when I made the trip one day only to be told that the guy who was going to help me with the problem was off sick that day. Thanks for the heads up.

Anyway...moving along. I bought the Ark as perhaps an over-reaction to the fact that I needed to have a 4 door to lug the kids and their stuff around. Getting stuck in the back seat of the 2003 Accord Coupe (I LOVED that car), while tending to Brynn last Thanksgiving was what got me to think it was time for a 4 door. As FWIG can attest, getting in and out of that back seat of the coupe was no easy feat. Once was enough for me. Now that my baby-mama moved the kids to Hooterville, getting there and back every weekend in the Ark is nothing short of an assault on the environment, not to mention my wallet. With gas prices on the rise again, and oil reaching an all-time high, it seemed to be the time.

Last night I dragged The poor cold-suffering Squeeze out in the rain with me to a dealership to look at a car I found on-line. When we got there, we were told that car had been sold, but another was just traded in that day and it fit the bill perfectly. It's a 2004 Accord Sedan, fully loaded, and most importantly, it was also a 5 speed manual transmission, which I really wanted. If I'm going 4 cylinder, it's got to be a stick. More fun to drive and better on gas. They need to clean, safety, and certify it and it should be ready to go hopefully Monday. Driving that car last night was so comfortable and familiar, and most importantly, no steel bar across my spine.

Yay for your new car! And, tell the Squeeze that I hope the cold is soon a distant memory.
Excellent! And I look forward to getting in your back door!

Of your car! Your car!
Another damn Japanese car...what am I going to do with you? ;-)

Congrats on the 5-speed...that'll be fun.
babs: Thanks. I think he's pretty much over it now, but I'm sure it won't be the last one of the season. We recover during the week and get re-infected on the weekends when we visit the kids.

fwg:I look forward to having you in the rear.

kat: I'm pretty sure it's Japanese in name only. I think they make them a few minutes up the road from me, so I'm still keeping jobs in Canada.
Ah, but profits go to Japan, and all engineering is done in Japan. You're employing a hundred or so Canadians, but thousands of Japanese.
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