Friday, January 04, 2008


Havin' My Baby

It's that time of year when the cold hits and the lucky go someplace warm. Maybe it's just the people who aren't in debt that go away. Perhaps it's people who don't care about debt, but want to get away so badly they don't care about going further in debt. I know some of each.

Somewhere in that list is my baby-momma, Weezie. This year she's taking Zoe off to Cuba with her along with another friend and her daughter. That means that I get to look after my baby Brynn for a week. Hmm...she's 18 months old today. Can I still call her a baby? Hell, I'll be calling her my baby for the rest of my life. She'll put up with it.

I'm looking forward to having Brynn at our house and seeing her every day. Of course, the fear is there that she'll want her mother, and will be a sad little girl, which just breaks my heart. The part of this whole situation that I haven't yet mentioned is that The Squeeze is away at a conference for work that very same week. What are the odds?

To maintain some sense of normalcy in her routine, she'll continue to be in daycare for the week, which she just loves. I'm sure it beats being bored hanging out with me, and it's several hours less pressure per day for me too. If she'd be good with it, I'd be happy to just sit and hold her all day, but she'd put up with about five minutes of that.

The Squeeze gets back Friday night, so we'll all get to have fun together over the weekend. Before he leaves and Brynn arrives on Monday, we need to do some work around the house to toddler-proof it. We need to re-install the basement door that's been off since we moved in. We need to pack up the Christmas tree and decorations. I need to get some outlet plugs and make sure the construction zones are inaccessible. I have to pick up a non-slip bath mat too.

Luckily, the business partner has offered to work while I have Brynn. You just never know if the daycare is going to call, needing her to be picked up if she's sick or something. Working that week would require me to have to close the shop early each day in order for me to pick her up before the daycare closes anyway. It will all work out, I'm sure.

I'm pretty confident that I can handle a couple of hours in the morning and a couple of hours each night. I'll get Weezie to bring all of her toys with her.

We'll be excepting loads of photos after "Brynn Week" is over.
Holy crap! 18 months already? No way! Where on earth does the time go?

I'm with Babs, we will definitely be looking forward to baby pictures.

BTW, a friend from college works from a glass company. Remember that interesting phone call order you had a few months back? Apparently, those people have stung quite a few smaller companies which ended up going out of business. I'm so glad you didn't fall for it.
You and the squirtlet will do fine, I'm sure. I've seen you two in action and she seems pretty darn fond of you!

How is your mom doing?
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