Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Freak On Line One

Sometimes advertising doesn't pay. We've been running a few ads in the local rag the past couple of months and we've had mixed results. The first month we showed a collection of war medals that we've framed, and that brought in a few people with medals and photos to frame. This month we ran a picture of a violin that we framed.

Today I took this call:

Freaks R Us, how can I help you?
Do you have that picture?
Which picture?
The one in the paper.
Which picture is that?
The picture of the violin in your ad.
Ummm...we have a digital image of it.
What does that mean?
That means I have a copy of the photo we took in our computer.
Oh, because I'm looking for a picture of a violin.
OK...well, this wasn't a picture of a violin, it was an actual violin that we framed and took a picture of as a sample of what we do.
Yes, that's what I want.
You have a violin you want framed?
No, I just want a picture of a violin like the one in your ad.
Well, again, this wasn't a picture of a violin. Someone brought in an actual violin and wanted it put in a shadow box. That was just a picture that we took of it once we framed it.

Once this "Who's On First?" skit ended, she asked where we are located and I told her. She lives about two blocks away and she couldn't seem to get the directions through her head. I should have told her to just look out her window and I'd wave at her.

We've been here 15 years and she couldn't figure out where we were, even though there's a number of very well-known and established businesses and restaurants nearby thatI mentioned that she just couldn't place. I told her 3 or 4 times which plaza we're in, and she says "OH, near that thrift store?" They've been there about 3 months or so. "Ya, that's the place."

I can't wait for her to pop by to pick up one of those violin pictures. It'll happen. Mark my words.

Ok, even the customers these days are dippy. Think maybe they sideline as masons and tile setters?

I'm not sure how I got to your site but enjoy reading. Condolences again for the recent death of your Mom.
Hang in there.
I love your Freak Magnet stories! They're the bestest ever!

I had a similar phone call earlier from a "co-worker." We didn't order enough parts way back when and need 10 more. Supplier suggested in an e-mail to both of us we just adjust the old order's quantities, but we can't do that. "Co-worker" calls me and says "Supplier says to just use the same order and adjust the quantity." I say, "We can't do that." "But it'll bypass getting the manager's approval." "Yes, but we can't do that, precisely for that reason." "Why don't you just add the additional the parts to the old order?" "BECAUSE WE CAN'T DO THAT." I think he asked one more time before he got it through his head that WE CAN'T DO THAT!!! ARGH!!!
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