Saturday, May 24, 2008


The Black Creature

I've mentioned several times the strange people that wander into or by my shop, but I've recently discovered a new and intriguing favourite. For the past few weeks I've happened to be on the computer out front and looked up to see a person walking down the street. This person, not sure if it's male or female, walks somewhat quickly, never looking up, and pulling a small, black piece of wheeled luggage behind him/her. He/she is entirely clad in black. Black pants, black shoes, and a black hooded sweatshirt. The hood on this sweatshirt is huge and everything save his/her hands is covered. There's something rather "Grim Reaper" about the whole thing.

Every time I see him/her, it's the same thing. Same black clothing, same wheeled suitcase. He/she passes by a few times a week that I notice, likely more since I can't always be out front to see him/her.

Yesterday our mail carrier came in, we had our usual little chat, and she said, "Have you seen The Black Creature?" I knew who she meant right away. "With the sweatshirt?" I asked. "Ya," she said. "I see him or her on all sorts of streets on my route. I wonder what's up with that." "No idea, but I hope there's not a scythe in that suitcase," I replied.

My mission: to have my camera at the ready to get a picture to post here. I don't know how likely that is to happen. My camera is slow, the focus sucks, and The Black Creature walks at a pretty good clip. I wonder if the wardrobe will change as the weather continues to heat up. Only time will tell.
Until then, you get this.

Weird...doe the mail lady have any idea at all if this person is homeless or just a wanderer? I'm intrigued. I think you should try talking to the Black Creature.

Maybe s/he has a picture in the suitcase needing a good frame.
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