Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Joined At The Forehead

My good buddy (let's call her 'Hooves', because that's what I call her) invited the gang out to see her hubby perform at the Hooterville Legion on Saturday night. Her hubby is quite the performer. Great voice, great on the guitar, beloved by seniors and children alike. He performs with a woman he's been musical partners with for years.

After we enjoyed dinner at a nearby restaurant we made our way to the Legion. We were there right for the start of the performance, so there were maybe 30 people there, tops. As the night went on, and the cheap booze flowed, the hall gathered more people. Perhaps 50 or 60, which incidentally was far below the median age in that place. Much of the repertoire consisted of old country standards that the older folks just ate up.

At one point, Hooves' sister asked me who Mrs. So-and-so was dancing with. "Who's Mrs. So-and-so?" I asked, not knowing any of the seniors in the place except for Hooves' parental units. "The one with the gray hair," she replied. "Ya, you're gonna have to narrow that down a bit more," I shot back. "Point taken!"

Aside from the music, the highlight of the evening was one couple who were on the dance floor pretty much non-stop. Personally, I love to see seniors dance together. There's something very heart-warming about it. Same goes for seeing older couples walking hand in hand. Before I get all sentimental and sad, let's get back to the dance....This couple would dance to any song they played, and Hooves actually informed us that this couple shows up at many of the functions that her hubby plays. Apparently they live in Hooterville, but they're kinda like groupies. The strange thing was the way they danced. They would spin around the floor, holding one another, and aside from the times he was spinning her, they connected their foreheads as they danced.

It was sort of like a National Geographic segment on rams or something. We couldn't figure it out. I tried it with my friend Neen while we sat in our chairs, and it nearly gave us headaches. You can't look into each other's eyes when you're that close. Knowing that nobody but the people there would believe it if we said it, I had to snap a picture. Luckily, Hooves had her camera with her, so I made use of it while she was away from the table.

As the couple danced, I would have The Squeeze pose and smile toward me, to make the head-butters think I was taking his picture and not theirs. It took a few tries, because they didn't stay still very long. When Hooves came back to the table, she said "I should get a picture of this!" When I told her I already had, she fired up the camera to see the picture. She got a quick glance of it and just howled before the batteries died. I never really got a good look at it, but I'm guessing it was OK. Probably a bit dark because they were at a bit of a distance and I don't know if the flash would have lit them sufficiently, but Hooves' reaction made me think it was alright. I'm waiting for her to e-mail that picture to me at some point so I can put it here. Again, until then, this will have to do:

I think I've seen that dance "move" in old movies. I can't wait for the picture!!!
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