Friday, June 20, 2008


I Can't Go Through This Again

My sister-in-law just called me at work.

She and my brother accompanied my father to his doctor's appointment today. He's been having stomach problems for a while now. He often feels like throwing up (and often has) after eating. The doctor used a scope to see if he could determine what the problem was. The diagnosis is not good. It appears my father has esophageal cancer.

It's been just over two months since my mother lost her fight with cancer. I think I'm in shock over this news. I can't accept it. But I know I have to. I'm sure he's scared of what's to come. He watched his beloved wife rapidly fade away. Will it be the same for him? I'm scared of what's to come. I just don't understand this. It is so unfair.

His doctor is sending the results to the local cancer center so my father can be seen by an oncologist. The doctor said that surgery and radiation are options, but it is a major surgery. What will this do to him? I'm sure we'll know more in the next week or so.

As with my mother, I would greatly appreciate everyone to think positive thoughts for my father, and to keep him in your prayers.

Hey Dave,

Sorry for the sudden bad news. You folks just can't catch a break. I'm glad that you have had at least some good time with Dad and family over the past couple of weeks. Hang in there.
Hey Dave, me again.

I have no doubt that you have a fair number of readers. Until they check in, just throw a bunch of stuff on my shoulders. I've got big shoulders. I can carry a lot for you.

Stay in touch with The Squeeze, handle what you can, know the difference.

Among the sibs, who has health care rights? Get on board, all of you.
Dave, I'm so sorry to hear this. I shall keep him, you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that the prognosis is good.

Thinking of you.
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