Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Rude Awakening

The Squeeze was up at the crack of 6:00 this morning. He took the puppy out for a pee and let me stay in bed a bit longer. At 6:45 the phone rang. What the hell? The Squeeze came in with the phone. "It's the alarm company. Your store alarm went off."

I was told by the alarm company that the alarm went off, someone was in the store that did not have a password and that the police have been dispatched. "Did they give you a name?" I asked. They gave me the name. It was my superintendent. "Call off the cops!" I hate those false alarm fees.

While I was on with the alarm company, the super tried calling me. I called her back, the alarm was still blaring in the background. It appears I failed to inform her that we switched alarm companies last month. My bad.

As it turns out, the water heater in their apartment directly above my shop broke and was spewing water through their place. They had just installed new hardwood floors up there. I'd be pissed. At any rate, water, as we all know, has a bad habit of running downhill. "It's leaked down into your place and your whole table in back is covered in water.

OH! MY! GOD! Yesterday a customer dropped off an antique map to be framed and due to the size of it, I was not able to put it into a folder. I left it on the main table out back. I was also half-way through framing a wedding invitation for a client that needs to be done for the wedding this weekend. I felt like throwing up as I made my way to the store.

Thank god it wasn't leaking on the main table! It was the side table that got soaked. There was still damage. The walls are bulging from the water, a collage of war medals had their mat destroyed. Luckily the photos weren't destroyed. I had a few pictures of my own that were on that table waiting to be framed. They should dry out alright. There was also a stack of prints belonging to a local politician that had been left here about a year and a half ago. They were going to call us whenever they needed one framed. They never called, and there they sat. Believe it or not, I called their office yesterday to let them know we still have these things here and they keep getting moved back and forth because we have no room to store them. Watch them show up today for them.

A number of banker's boxes filled with our files got soaked, so we're waiting for the papers and folders to dry out. I've already picked up new boxes to put them in. The store smells like wet wood and cardboard and I can't open the doors to air the place out because Stella will run outside. I've got the A/C running to try to get the humidity out of here.

I'm ready for bed.

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