Friday, September 05, 2008


The Screamer

Yesterday the Business Partner and I were at work and our accountant's assistant was scheduled to drop in to do some bookwork for us. I was on the grassy area across the parking lot from our store letting Stella have a pee when I saw the bookkeeper enter the store. I walked back in, praised Stella for being a good girl, and as she always does, she sat while I took off her leash. What a good girl...yes she is. Yes she is!

Stella, always the social butterfly, walked over to the bookkeeper to greet her with a sniff at her feet. The bookkeeper let out a strange shreik that made me think Stella had licked her toes and tickled her (she has a thing for licking feet).

"Oh, is she licking you?" I asked.
Again she screamed. "I'm terrified of dogs!"
"Really?" I asked, incredulously as I scooped Stella up.

The bookkeeper apologized several times for the outburst and for the fact that we had to keep Stella barracaded in the back of the shop while she was working here.

I understand that people have irrational fears, but there is just something funny about this woman in her late 20's or early 30's, freaking out over an 11 week old puppy. It was also very difficult for me to think of her as a mature, competent professional after witnessing her outburst.

Would it have been out of line for me to suggest hypnotherapy to overcome this fear?

I haven't met a single person not loaded with irrational fears. The puppy fear seems strange to those who love puppies but from my perspective it's no less rational than fear of the dark, dentist, public speaking or any others I can think of.

Now, those who feared my beloved doberman, they were just plain crazy!

Maybe Stella's eyes glowed red for a moment when you weren't looking. Those Boston Terriers have mischevious senses of humor. And thanks for goading me into trying to spell 'mischevious', bastard.
FWG is nice...I think people are stupid. I mean really...who the hell is scared of PUPPY??? It's not like Stella was a rottweiler or some equally potentially scary dog.
Like a Doberman...

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